70 Fabulous Things to do in the Sydney Lockdown

The Sydney lockdown Isolation is tough for everyone, but even tougher for the frequent traveller who is accustomed to being on and off planes.

*First published February 2020 and published again here July 2021

These are some simple tips and tricks to avoid boredom and stay entertained in Sydney during this time.

Start a personal journal. It will help on too many levels to mention. Even if you only manage a sentence a day, write something. 

Write a gratitude list, I write one each night in my phone. It’ great to read the next morning before I check my phone too.

Write a letter to the manager your favourite hotel (or two) and tell them why you miss them during this time. Imagine how much this will mean to them after this is all over and they are having to find motivation.

Re-order your wine cellar and start drinking the best bottles now. Life is short.

Green velvet chairs in ruch wooden room with large book shelves, filled with books and natural light
La Reserve, Paris, one of the world’s greatest hotels.

Research the best wine areas (think Napa Valley, Bordeaux, Casablanca) and plan trips there.

Write a wish list of Australian adventures. (Start with Wolgan Valley.)

Get online and write reviews for your favourite hotels

Get online and write reviews for your favourite global restaurants 

Organise the perfect travel make-up bag for your next trip.

Cook a recipe from one of your favourite hotels

Plan a gin adventure in London.

View of rooftops in London in Mayfair
The view from the Beaumont Hotel,London; Get online and write reviews for your favourite global restaurants

Commit to get fit before your next trip. Exercise every day, even if it is a walk

Make your own frosé

Consider intermittent fasting for better brain power and overall health

Sing up for some on-line fitness, you will be surprised how good it is.

Plan your ultimate Friday night out in London, Paris, Sydney and Rome.

Red seats on wooden floor in front of spectacular bar packed with bottles and a barman in front in a white jacket
The Bar at The Five Star Hotel Beaumont in London’s Mayfair is a gorgeous place for a pre-dinner drink.

Go vegan for a week (it won’t hurt).

Plan your meals this week and make them decadent (planning will make every day a lot easier), and food and wine match with your collection.

Do a Maria Kondo on your wardrobe and only keep garments and items that make you happy.

Order better quality bed sheets online in either white or white stripes to freshen your bedroom

Start a vegetable or herb garden, most of the top restaurants have them so why wouldn’t you?

Woman standing in hotel wearing black and white top holding champagne with towering white and black ceiling above
Renae at The Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest, a great pre-lockdown memory.

Cut your sugar consumption by half – for 2 weeks, and see how amazing you feel.

Organise a FaceTime or Zoom with one of your friends overseas; organise a bunch of you can 

Do some meditation

Find some apps to help you chill and to reduce anxiety

Find some travel apps to load into your phone for when you next travel

Research some of the world’s best recipes with a view to trying to cook them

Beautiful luxury hotel room
Make your bedroom more like a hotel suite with these tips (below)

Make your bedroom more like a hotel suite with these tips

Consider finding a performance or life coach during this crisis.

Make a photo book of one or two of your favourite past trips

Print photos and have them sent to your home

Consider volunteering – people are in need right now.

Consider adding some anti-aging food items to your menu.

Write your bucket list

Bake a fabulous cake

Consider a dog, yes, they’re a designer accessory these days but they are great company during times like this.

Consider upgrading your TV as you will be watching it a lot over future months

Look at your data plan for your phone, as it may need upgrading over the next 12 months given the amount you are about to be on it.

Beautiful swimming pool surrounded by white umbrellas and balcony with sun chairs in the French countryside.
La Bastide De Gordes, Luberon France is a spectacular hotel in Provence, to plan to go to once travel restrictions are lifted.

Consider down-grading your Netflix plan if you have signed up for high definition, as Netflix is not streaming high definition right now to keep the load off the internet infrastructure.

Consider getting a chrome cast so you can have all of your Netflix apps on your phone and cast them to the TV super easily, and means you can use an old TV in another room without cabling but still using Netflix.

Remember all of your streaming services like SBS online, Netflix, prize and Foxtel and Stan can be set up on your mobile or iPad; This means you can use your phone to connect with a TV without cables or your kids or someone else in the house can watch on an iPad.

Order in some sugar-free healthier chocolates (Try @claudiagraham.pixiehands)

Sing up for plant based food and order that in too.

Delete duplicate and unnecessary photos in your phone 

Take a long bath with some upmarket products

Plan your three dream trips in detail – the world will travel again, and so will you, so get it right next time.

Think about re-arranging your furniture and/or throw away old fashioned styles

Do the same with your wall hangings – they can change the feel of a room instantly

Order your household a bunch of flowers to be delivered weekly, everyone will appreciate it.

Plan your actual travel schedule for 2021

Start a “miss list” I find myself staring into space finding myself wishing I’d seen the pyramids or that I’d had more days in Budapest to try specific restaurants for example. Write these all down so you can do them all in the future. 

Plan a picnic in a local park with someone close to you

Write a letter to your partner, even if you’ve been together or married for years 

Write a bucket list 

Give yourself an upmarket at home spa

Wash your car (it’s therapeutic right now).

Start wearing your most expensive fragrances and beauty products daily – they wont last forever, and they will make you feel great.

Upgrade your daily moisturiser – you want to come out of this looking your best.

Start taking supplements and vitamins daily, you want to get out of this looking and feeling your best with energy and strength to catapult you into your future.

Take 20 minutes out of your day every day and put on a luxury face mask.

Adopt some of these secrets for flawless skin

Loads of personal trainers are still training one on one. Find one in your area and sign up.

Check out Marisa Peer, the UK’s leading psychologist who has amazing anxiety management tips.

Support Australian businesses; check out these fabulous beauty brands for gifts.

Add retinol to your skincare routine. Just do it.

Spend some time researching the best Netflix series for you (preferably with travel themes)

High cathedral-like ceilings in Spanish Restaurant
Take inspiration from restaurants like this one at Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine in Castilla y Leon, Spain.

Google J-LO and get some serious inspiration.

Make a list of quality documentaries to watch

Buy a quality face mist to have in the house for a quick spritz and boost whenever you need it ( ,much healthier than sugar).

Learn to present food like a Michelin star Chef

Line up and watch 10 Ted Talks

Learn a new language (check out Dulingo)

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