Our Fave Makeup Travel Bag Essentials

These are the only makeup travel bag essentials you need to upkeep your beauty routine whilst travelling.

When travelling, the usual glamorous beauty routine often goes out the window. It’s important to have the right makeup travel bag essentials to help you travel better.

From liquid restrictions, to limited space, travelling requires us to rethink our makeup bag essentials.

There is no point bringing four different highlighters or three different eyeshadow palettes – it’s simply not sensible. Additionally, one isn’t likely to want to waste time on a full glam routine when there are so many new places and experiences to explore.

But travel makeup doesn’t have to be limited to the bare essentials. Opt for multi-use products that are high quality, skincare that is going to focus on hydration and renewal, and makeup tools that are compact and travel-sized.

Here is a guide to getting the most out of your travel makeup bag, with these travel makeup essentials that can be used either inflight or in holiday.

Choose the Perfect Travel Makeup Bag:

Opting for a chic bag that contains a plethora of storage can make all the difference when it comes to choosing your favourite products to fly away with you.

This sleek travel bag is Oprah approved, featuring on her 2019 Favourite Things List.

Brouk and Co Travel Organiser
This makeup travel bag is Oprah approved, thanks to the double storage compartments housing both makeup and jewellery

From Brouk and Co. comes this affordable, supple vegan leather travel bag with multiple compartments. The upper compartment is large enough to fit lotions, makeup and brushes, with a durable zip and a space-saving design.

The bottom storage compartment doubles as an on-the-go jewellery organiser, with inbuilt padded ring and earring pillows,  as well as hidden pockets for holding necklaces and bracelets.

Available in chic pastel shades of cream and pink, along with timeless and bold orange, red, brown, gold and black, this is a supple, high-quality solution, a travel makeup essential.

Light and SPF Foundation is a Travel Makeup Essential

While travelling, it’s best to stick to a light foundation that doesn’t require a sponge to apply, and one that won’t feel heavy and drying on the skin.

Moisture is key here, and it’s also beneficial to opt for a foundation that includes some sun protection. Anything above SPF20 will provide an added barrier from harsh rays, because redness and peeling are nobody’s best friend.

The Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die For Mineral Matte CC Cream SPF 30 (RRP $39) is a travel makeup bag essential.

This light yet buildable CC cream provides flawless and anti-aging coverage to leave skin looking smoother and without imperfections. Helping to bring moisture and hydration back into the skin is the inclusion of hyaluronic acid.

Peter Thomas Roth Skin to die for
A matte CC cream that contains SPF is a must while travelling.

It also contains all-mineral sunscreen filters with an SPF of 30 to protect from the sun, while THD Ascorbate is a powerful ingredient that is 50X stronger than traditional Vitamin C for antioxidant benefits.

A Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer is ideal for those days where foundation is too much of a hassle, but one still wants a sliver of coverage. Additionally, it’s an easy night-time routine that will provide added hydration, while helping to build that holiday bronzed glow.

A luxurious offering that cannot be passed up is the Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda Tinted Cream (RRP$265 AUD).

Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda
Luxury at it’s finest.

This is a sheer tinted moisturiser that blurs imperfections while illuminating the complexion for a subtle air-brushed look. It also provides hydration and skin regeneration, with a lightweight formula so soft and silky you’ll forget it’s on, making it a perfect travel makeup essential.

An all-purpose product for cheeks, lips and eyes.

A compact, multi-use product that provides a delectable glow and highlight to the cheeks, lips and eyes is a must-have, not only to save space but to save time.

The Multiple from NARS (RRP $60) is an all-in-one makeup stick that can be used for a variety of looks. Invented in 1996 by Francois Nars himself on a photoshoot, Nars utilised a single lipstick on his model’s eyes, lips and cheeks – it was a revolutionary concept that quickly saw makeup fanatics adopt a similar approach – no longer was lipstick just dedicated to the lips.

NARS The Multiple
A multi-use product is ideal for saving space and time.

NARS responded, releasing their now bestselling, ultra-lightweight all-purpose makeup stick. With a buildable cream-to-powder formula, the shimmering accents of this can be applied on the cheeks as a blush/highlight, to the eyes as a shimmery eyeshadow and on the lips for a subtle glossy glow.

Available in 10 shimmering shades, from iridescent pink to rich gold-infused rose, It can also be applied to the décolletage to further highlight areas that catch the light for a going-out look destined to draw attention.

A palette for any occasion

Palettes can often take up plenty of space, meaning it’s important to opt for one that can be used for a variety of looks – from a natural pink, to a sultry smokey eye, as well as a bronzed glow or sharp contour.

The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette (RRP $99) is a compact choice full of alluring, dreamy shades for the eyes, cheeks and face.

Included are three eye shadows to brighten, enhance and provide a subtle smoke, two contouring and highlighting shades, and two different cheek hues for a buildable blush.

Charlotte Tilbury travel makeup essentials
Handy labels make this even easier to use on the go.

Additionally, these highly pigmented products can be applied to multiple parts of the face – take the blushes and apply to the eyes for a dreamy, pink look, or stay sultry and smoky by combining the contouring and smoky shades.

A mirror also makes this compact perfect for travelling and on the go touch-ups.

For the Plane

While flying, it’s important to keep skin hydrated and moisturized – thanks to the low humidity levels in the cabin, skin can dry out and become flaky and inflamed.

Additionally, there’s also the necessities of face and eye masks, earplugs, deodorant and toothpaste that aren’t so fun to think about, but are a must when it comes to staying skincare-sane while on the plane.

The Cloud Nine Global The Signature Travel Pack (RRP$95) is the perfect grab-and-go pack making flights easier and more luxurious than ever before.

Cloud Nine Global The Signature travel makeup essentials
Containing everything needed for flying; including socks and mints.

Everything and anything you need to survive a plane trip is included in this; from moisturising jojoba oil, hand creams and hydrating mists; to deodorant wipes, soothing lip balms, face wipes, moisturisers and even toothpaste. For added comfort, there’s a silk eye mask, socks, tissues and even mints.

An overnight face mask is also perfect for long haul flights. The right mask can hydrate and renew the skin, which can make all the difference when feeling the dreaded effects of jet lag.

The Mere Bio-Repair Night Guardian Mas (RRP $62) is an overnight mask designed to refresh, rehydrate and renew skin overnight.

 In a luxurious black jar, this mask has an incredibly light and gel-like texture that seamlessly blends into the skin – which is perfect for applying while on a plane, as no mirrors or effort are required.

Mere Bio Repair Night Guardian Mask travel makeup essentials
A long haul flight is the perfect chance to apply an overnight mask and give your skin all the benefits

With a delectable fragrance of citrus and key lime pie, this mask helps to lock in moisture due to the plethora of antioxidant ingredients.

Australian Prickly Pear Oil helps hydrate, Hydrolysed Australian Marine Collagen for anti-ageing benefits, and Active Australian Flame tree, to help erase daily damage of pigment causing enzymes. This is definitely a travel makeup essential to help repair and renew damaged and tired skin.

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