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Secrets To Flawless skin

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With long distance travel as well as more frequent travel come skin problems. A change in time zone, lime levels in water, more or less exposure to the sun ad different food can all cause skin problems.

But even if you aren’t travelling, everyone’s skin flares up occasionally.

Most people experience skin problems from time to time at best, and this is what I’ve discovered works for me;

Back To Basics: If my skin breaks out or is red or damaged at all I go back to basics. For example olive oil is such a great go-to and is readily available anywhere in the world. I use it on my face for 2-4 days at night only and use an oil-free moisturiser by day.

Hydralite sachets: These sachets can quickly re-boot the skin (and body) with vital vitamins and minerals often lost with travel or even changes of seasons and changes of diet (oh, and big nights out). The vitamins and minerals re-hydrate the body – and re-invigorate skin.

Exercise: Exercise is one of the best ways to have clear skin, and walking is as good as anything – and a great way to see a new city, bond with a friend or just get the blood pumping.

Mix up your foundation; Foundation has a huge effect on the skin, as we wear it for such protracted periods of time. Using the right foundation in the right weather and surroundings is important to avoid skin issues. This means you need to be open to changing it when you travel and when the seasons change.

Mineral foundation is one of the best when skin is red or inflamed, as it is healthiest for the skin, allows it to breath and doesn’t cause further damage. It cosmetics also have an excellent foundation and concealer to help cover and repair skin.

Eat Clean Food: Aeroplane food, even in first class is one of the worst things you can put into your body. generally it has so many preservatives and therefore chemicals. Just don’t do it. Take food with you if you must. And generally what supports flawless skin is natural food like nuts and seeds, fresh vegetables and fruits but nothing in cans or boxes. And obviously as much water as you can put into your body.

Watch the booze: Alcohol can not only dehydrate the skin but cause breakouts as it contains toxins. And soft drink mixers are the worst.

Mix up your cleanser; I have been experimenting with micellar cleanser recently, and I like it. It is particularly good when travelling to use instead of local water which can also damage skin. (Different water supplies contain different levels of lime and minerals which means they can be harsher on skin than you are accustomed to at home).

The ocean heals all: Sea water is simply the best way to clear up skin conditions, even a skin rash in the healthiest possible way. And the salt water ions are also good for the mind. Any time you are near the ocean, make sure you submerge yourself.

Clean Hands: We don’t realise how often we touch our faces, and how often it is with oily or dirty hands. Keeping a bottle of liquid disinfectant drops at hand, especially on flights is an easy way to prevent this anywhere, anytime.

Clay Masks: Clay masks are a simple and easy way to draw out impurities and tighten pores, all of which helps skin look cleaner and brighter. Even flawless. Great before or after a flight.

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