Dorchester Collection’s Paolo Lemallo on Balancing Luxury Hospitality Leadership and Personal Passion

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Discover the Journey of Paolo Lemallo, Culture and People Director at Dorchester Collection Italy, as she Reflects on 25 Years of Luxury Hospitality Excellence and Personal Fulfillment

Paolo Lemallo, Culture and People Director at Dorchester Collection Italy, shares her remarkable career journey from Milan, Italy, where she oversees the esteemed properties of The Principe Di Savoia and Hotel Eden in Rome.

In a compelling conversation with luxury hotel reviewer Renae Leith-Manos from Sydney, Australia, Paolo reveals her enduring passion for the intricacies of luxury hospitality—a realm that has captivated her for over two decades.

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate,” she reflects, recounting how a serendipitous opportunity at the onset of her career ignited a lifelong dedication to hospitality.

The Dorchester Collection’s Principe de Savoia is a one of Milan’s best luxury properties.

“From the very beginning, it was a love affair,” Paolo admits warmly, reminiscing about her early immersion in hotel operations and her profound exploration of every facet of guest experience.

Under the mentorship of Hilton’s inspiring leaders, Paolo transitioned to human resources, refining her soft skills in leadership, coaching, and employee engagement.

Renae in the Presidential Suite at Principe de Savoia

Joining Dorchester Collection in 2010 marked a pivotal moment for Paolo, where she embraced the complexities of a global luxury group at the pinnacle of the market, embodying the transformative impact of corporate vision and values within the community.

“It’s been an evolutionary journey,” she muses thoughtfully, highlighting her deep engagement with topics ranging from diversity and sustainability to corporate responsibility.

Throughout her career, Paolo’s unwavering commitment to nurturing people’s growth and well-being has remained steadfast, navigating challenges with a shared vision and collaborative spirit.

Beyond professional accolades, Paolo cherishes her role as a devoted mother to two children who share her passion for nature and outdoor adventures. “They inspire me daily,” she shares warmly, “and I aspire to empower them to carve their own paths in life, just as I have.”

Paolo candidly discusses the delicate balance of leading in luxury hospitality while actively supporting her family—a testament to her inspiring journey of personal and professional fulfillment.

This interview offers a rare glimpse into the life and career of a trailblazing woman in luxury hospitality, resonating with those who appreciate excellence in service and seek inspiration in achieving professional success alongside personal fulfillment.

The indoor pool at Principe Di Savoia in Milan is stunning.
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