A-Beauty: The Aussie beauty trend sweeping the world

A-Beauty is the next big thing in beauty globally, and it was created right here in Australia.

The Australian beauty market is worth over $540 million – and growing. Ambitious Australian women are leading the way in boutique skincare and beauty brands globally, particularly in the UK. And they’ve already got their own label – A beauty.

natural skincare
Aesop skincare

K beauty was the first single letter global beauty trend when Korean beauty products and brands emerged as a huge category for innovative cult-like beauty products. Many were complex, but K Beauty was hailed as the number one secret to youthful looks. 

From crazy sounding ingredients including snail slime and glass skin. Then multiple step beauty routines, and left-field products like black rip-off pore peel masks and white clay, Korean beauty quickly cut through Western beauty retail markets. They firmly created their own platform. And it was all about glowing, dewy, clear, youthful looking skin without make-up.

Now A – Australia- is stepping up to take over that mantle.

The term A beauty is officially used for brands with products that have natural Australian ingredients within them. The ingredients are results-driven and effective.


Many Australian brands connect with and in some ways represent the natural, sunshine-filled, laid back lifestyle Australia represents to the rest of the world.

British women are already well and truly aware of Australian brands including Botanical skincare brand Sodashi,  natural brand Aesop, Dr Roebucks, Sand & Sky Pink Clay Masks, and Tanning and Body brand Bondi Sands.

Mineral Foundation
Nude By Nature

South Australian natural brand Jurlique has been sold globally for years thanks to serious cash injections from buy outs. Luxe fragrance brand Goldfield & Banks is booming in London, Nude By Nature natural make-up, The Jojoba Company, Hair Care brand Mr Smith, The Base, Mecca Cosmetica, ModelCo,  Evo, and coffee-infused Frank Body are just some of the others making a big impression.

Many of the ingredients within these Australian brands – and even the brand names have exotic Australian names and words the global market can’t stop snapping up.

For example, WA pink clay in the Sand & Sky pink clay masks, kakadu plum, Australian sandalwood, lemon myrtle and  Quandong are just a few ingredients appearing in many skincare brands being produced in Australia.

A-beauty trends sweeping the UK include natural skincare products, tanning products, facial products with SPF, BB Creams, and various natural shimmering beauty oils. Generally a less-is-more approach is an A-beauty trend Europeans have taken on.

Aussie bloggers and vloggers are also feeding the trend including @chloemorello, @elle_ferguson, @_yanyanchan.

With Aussie icon Olivia Newton John launching her own skincare brand Retreatment Botanics a month ago and a host of others on the horizon, this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

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