Podcast: UK Psychologist Marisa Peer says being rich or thin won’t change your life – but she will.

Marisa Peer talks to Renae, at her home in London’s Fulham and says being rich won’t change your life.

I have re-published this podcast as best selling author Marisa is visiting Australia soon to bring her insights and wisdom down under, click here for more.

Who is Marisa: Marisa’s clients list includes royalty, rock stars, hollywood actors, CEO’s, political leaders and some of the most famous people on the planet, during a career in therapy and psychology spanning over 30 years.

And her five-word conclusion? We are all the same. Even the most famous, the richest most successful people have the same issues, and she says there is a very simple solution.

It is as simple as believing in ourselves, or in her words in believing “I am enough.” Her rapid transformational therapy is sweeping the world as she explains her unique mental thought models to the world and helps people change their lives by doing anything from losing weight, to exploring transformational hypnotherapy sessions and improving their lives.

Renae Leith-Manos with Marisa Peer at her home in London
Renae Leith-Manos with Marisa Peer at her home in London

She says:

“Whether I am working with a movie star or an Olympic athlete, or someone working at a bakery or opening a little children’s nursery, I realised it wasn’t about the money or the body, it was about this inner feeling of “I am not enough.”

“Because when I saw people at the top of their game that were on yachts or were stunningly beautiful, or had designer wardrobes, they were just as unhappy as my clients who maybe worked as a school teacher.

“I began to see with everyone there something rather unusual which was the thought that (currently) I’m here, but when I go over there and when I become famous or rich or and I’ve got this body or the designer wardrobe, this apartment,  or the yacht, then I’ll (finally) be happy.

“But when they got over there, they were actually more unhappy, and you’ve seen that with Britney Spears and George Michael and the people like the Heath Leder’s of the world and Phillip Hoffman’s and the Amy Winehouse’s and Whiney Houston’s – they have everything and then fall apart.”

Having listened to hours of Marisa on YouTube and audio recordings, I could also sit here and write about her philosophy and teachings for hours, but the bottom line is Marisa has some profound and insightful things to say about the human condition, and it was a great honour to be invited into her home in London’s Fulham recently to talk to her about life and how we can all live a better, calmer, happier existence.

Renae and Marisa talking about the power of the human mind.

Audio recording here:

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