Fifteen Insider secrets on how Jennifer Lopez looks 25 (at 49)

How is it possible Jennifer Lopez  is 49 years of age? Here are fifteen secrets on how she looks 25, and achieves that enduring glow (ok, so that IS also the name of her new fragrance).

Jennifer Lopez is on of the most beautiful women in the world.

Here are some of J-Lo’s secrets:

  1. She’s Clean: Jennifer Lopez (what she prefers to be called these days by the way) says she doesn’t drink, smoke or consume caffeine. Wow. No booze for the over 40’s is a popular theme, and it is well documented it can decrease lifespan and certainly affect how we look. Her nutritionist Haylie Pomrey is the one who steered her into being sober. But no coffee? Wow. J-Lo revealed this in an interview with US Weekly magazine a while back.
  2. Long Hair: She wears her hair long. There are a multitude of studies that show men are attracted to women with long hair, and that it makes them appear younger. Obviously J-Lo believes in this idea, and it works for her.
  3. She dresses young; Often J-Lo walks a fine line with her clothing but it is always the right side of that line. Generally she wears figure hugging, super flattering dresses and pants and always heels when out. Any 25 year old would look good in her fitness gear – it’s tight, bright and always on trend.
  4. She doesn’t read the gossip: This is my opinion, not fact, but the way Jennifer Lopez has conducted her love life over the past decade – dating a range of guys of different ages, careers and stages (to much criticism at times in the press) she goes her own way and doesn’t worry about what people say about her or think.
  5. She doesn’t settle: Still on the love life theme, J-Lo has managed to pick herself up and dust herself off time and again in her personal life, and she doesn’t settle. She has been married 3 times, and her suitors have included Tommy Mottola, Diddy, Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony (father of her twins), Casper Smart, Drake and Alex Rodriguez today who she now shares a home with and the two have blended their families.
  6. She works out daily: whether travelling or not. Jennifer Lopez  has several trainers, depending on where she is in the world, and one is Tracey Anderson (who trains the Victoria’s Secret models) , and  David Kirsch (He is famed in the US for his 555 workout – 5 exercises for 5 minutes a day for 5 days to lose 5 pounds). Generally she works out for short periods of time, some 32 minutes. She also incorporates a lot of dance in her days, obviously, as she is a performer, and rehearsing and performing are so much a part of her life. She also does pilates, strength training and biked rides with boyfriend Alex Rodriquez.
  7. She works out in the morning: A glance at her instagram account (with some 70 million followers) reveals J-Lo is up in the morning in her fitness gear working out. Plenty of studies show the importance of working out first thing, and J-Lo’s body does too.
  8. No sun: J-Lo doesn’t go out in the sun. Like many celebrities, she avoids sun exposure and says she always wears SPF.
  9. Sleep: She Sleeps 9-10 hours a night. Clearly no party animal, in an interview with In Style, J-Lo said her ideal is 9-10 hours of sleep a night.
  10. H2O: She is into water – big time. Jennifer Lopez talks about water in so many interviews, and the importance of water before and during her workouts as well as throughout the day – to prepare her body for the next workout.
  11. She is into double cleansing: Apparently J-Lo swears by double cleansing her face every night, which isn’t that surprising given the amount of make-up she would wear on stage to perform.
  12. Organic: She eats organic most of the time. 
  13. Vegetables and protein: She eats protein and greens. Period. Her day starts with a protein shake. J-Lo talks a lot about her high protein diet, and the importance of protein and veg for lunch and dinner. She eats meats including chicken and pork.
  14. She does indulge: She snacks on fruit and vegetables – truth. Cucumbers and tomatoes are her favourite. J-Lo talks about sharing her healthy snacks with her children. BUT she also says she indulges her sweet tooth and on The View in America said loves chocolate chips in icecream.
  15. Glycolic: She uses glycolic acid – in an interview with People magazine J-Lo said “I love using glycolic acid for a healthy glow.
Her youthful looks are something she works at.

Her new fragrance Enduring Glow featured sandalwood, her favourite fragrance, and is encased in a stunning gold porcelain bottle. It is absolutely beautiful,  not only as a fragrance, but also as an ornament, and just having the fragrance on my dressing table is a daily reminder of J-Lo’s inspiration.

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