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Renae’s World has firmly established its position as a leading authority in the global luxury hotel, restaurant, and spa review sector.


An Australian luxury travel commentator and Luxury Hotel Consultant who is passionate about luxury travel and the people working in five star hotels, upscale restaurants, high end spas and luxury brands.


The earth together with all its wonderful countries and inspiring peoples.

Luxury Hotel Consultant Renae at Nihi, Sumba, a true luxury paradise in Indonesia.

Great to see you here,

You are likely here because of your love of travel, hotels, food, and wine, luxury, or beauty. I am passionate about it all, and have spent over two decades travelling the world consulting and commentating on the industry.

You will find my insider tips and opinions here on global hotels I stay in, restaurants I love, sustainability within the luxury travel world, and the ever growing wellness trend. I also help support women and their desire to remain ageless through the latest treatments and nutrition trends.

I have a YouTube channel, @Where2FromHere with over 1 million views featuring some of the most recognisable luxury industry leader talking about what they are seeing, where the future of luxury is going and how the profile of the luxury traveller is changing.

They talk about, global locations, the hotels they manage or love to stay in, dishes they enjoy and more, to create visually beautiful content.

Guests on the show have so far included Luxury Hotel Designers, Brand Makers, Hotel Owners, Managing Directors, chefs and General Managers. We have spoken to people in South East Asia, Australia, Japan, South Africa, China, Rwanda, the UK, Europe and South America.

Our audience of over 100,000 monthly includes people working in  luxury travel, high end brands, and others simply wanting some insights and inspiration into their worlds.

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