Global Travel Trends for 2020 You Need To Know Now

The Global Travel Trends You Need To Know Now.

People are travelling more than ever, but they are looking for different things and on the whole, for new adventures. The internet and social media have made us all realise how big the world really is and how many amazing places there are to see. These are the travel trends to look for in 2020.

Trains are romantic again.

Trains are a way to slow down and take life at a slower pace, another trend travellers will look for in 2020 in their quest to be more present and slow down.

I have taken the life-changing train trip to Machu Picchu, and taken my children on the trains through Sri Lanka, and both experiences whilst completely different were incredible.

Absolute Luxury

The incredible La Reserve Restaurant in the south of France.

More travellers are looking for better quality experiences, even as just a highlight or two of a vacay. Finishing a holiday with 2 nights at La Reserve in Paris, a Michelin star meal, or high tea somewhere fabulous or one of the world’s best spa treatments will all become more common in the year ahead.

The trend of high-end cooking classes, and giving back whilst travelling are still high on the priority list as travellers look for quality experiences.

Discovering your roots

The city of Budapest on the water
Budapest is one European city predicted to be more frequented in 2020.

Many more travellers are tracing their family trees through 23andme, and other companies who offer genetic testing, even via mail, with a snip of hair.

Once they receive the results which are often surprising, this is then leading travellers to want to then visit the locations they discover their ancestors are from.

Many of those locations are off the beaten track like Hungaria, Poland or Prague.

Elements of wellness holidays will become part of mainstream holidays in 2020.

Wellness trips that are not so blatantly healthy

Yes, travellers will continue to flock to wellness retreats for holistic health and wellness, but many travellers are also looking for health and wellness within an existing trip.

So cycling tours, walking adventures within a getaway or even trips like horseback riding in Chile whilst wine tasting will all rise in popularity in 2020.

Light plane landing on clear blue water in an island with palm tress
Luxury will become part of more and more holidays in 2020.

Less Is More

The old trend of jamming as many locations and side trips into one trip is fading as people look to slow down and be more present when they travel. Slowing down will also mean they can absorb more local experiences rather than sticking to the tourist traps.

Micro vacations, such as extended long weekends to New Zealand, Kangaroo Island, Byron Bay, The Hinterland, or Tasmania, Broome or Noosa will become popular again this year, as they are a way to focus on the one location.

Holi, The Festival Of Colours in Insia.
Holi, The Festival Of Colours in India.

Festivals become global

The rise in foreigners attending Festivals will continue, as people search for a sense of identity as well as wanting to be part of a global movement and event.

And it won’t be limited to a particular type of festival either. Health festivals, religious festivals, and party festivals will all be on the radar.

Whether that is 8 Lantern festival in Taiwan, the UK’s Glastonbury, Burning Man in Nevada, or Holi, The festival of colours in India.

woman with cucumbers on face and white robe resting o a plane. How to stay healthy when travelling on a plane
Curated travel, trips tailored to the individual will become popular in 2020.

Curated Travel

Many more travellers will return to travel agents to book their trips as they look for more detail within an itinerary. That local knowledge an experienced tour operator can provide can’t be found on the internet.

Whether it is hotels with open fires, airports with airline lounges, accommodation that includes pets or other tailored experiences, they will all be part of the 2020 traveller’s scope.

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    Dianne Wilkinson
    02/01/2020 at 6:02 am

    So true Renae you’ve hit the nail on the head on what people are looking for in a vacation. Definitely hotels that accept your furry friends. People these days don’t want to leave them behind. Also a touch of luxury such as a wellness holiday or a yoga retreat on an exotic island. Back to the old days high teas such as the ones u order at TheSavoy in London. Quintessentially English or old colonial. Instead of a few package holidays we are becoming more discerning and want quality and variety for our annual big vacation. Enjoyed the article.

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