Five local secrets in Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay and the surrounding area has emerged as a standout destination in Australia.

From tourists to adventurers, the coastal patch is known for seducing every person passing through, including its infectious locals.

Crowds gather to Byron for its reputable attitude, vibes,  balmy nights and healthy, relaxed living.

While the energy draws many to the location, these are the untrodden paths, to explore the unexplored. To read about one of my favourite places to stay in the area, surrounded by luxury in the middle of nature, click here.

Meanwhile the outdoor adventure experts at OZtrail helped lead the way for me.

Killen Falls Swimming Hole, Byron Bay

Killen Falls Swimming Hole

A short twenty-five minute drive from the centre of Byron Bay, Killen Falls is an untouched wonder, billowing down a ten metre high waterfall into a glowing waterhole. The idyllic swimming spot is framed with naturally eroding cliffs, creating multiple peaks to admire the falls from above and below within a hallowed cave.

The perfect plan for a day trip would involve a picnic blanket, lunch and a dive beneath the waterfall. But if you have time, we recommend pitching a tent amongst the draping foliage and sleeping amongst the sounds of your very own cascading paradise.

Byron Bay Nature walk
Julian Rocks, Byron Bay

Julian Rocks

Not many people know the story behind this particular rock formation and to tell you the truth, there wasn’t a happy ending at the end of that relationship – but we found the silver lining.

The native Bundjalung legend says in a moment of jealousy, a husband threw his spear at a canoe his wife and her love interest were in, breaking it in half. The pieces are said to have created these incredible sedimentary rock formations metres off shore. Exploring this gem-like sanctuary is a must do. Equip yourself with some snorkels and traverse the underwater park amongst more than 500 different species of fish.

Byron Bay Nature walk
Boulder Beach, Byron Bay. Photo by Craig Parry.

Boulder Beach

One of Byron’s less mentioned shorelines is Boulder Beach, a granite brimmed coast mesmerised with crashing waves. This unusual beach is one of the dreamiest.

White waters surround the foreshore, creating a cloud like appearance at sunrise and sunset. For an added dream-like element, from Boulder Beach Look Out you can catch a glimpse of whales migrating to warmer waters during the cooler season. Unfold a camping chair and revel at these gentle giants breaching the surface.

Byron Bay Nature walk
Fresh water lake, Lake Ainsworth

Lake Ainsworth

Lakes are vast and vary in Australia, but this particular tea tree stained spot has us coming back. Lake Ainsworth is scattered 25 minutes away from Byron Bay and is an escape many locals take to refresh. The unrivalled source of freshwater is a water playground and one of the best ways to enjoy it is aboard a kayak.

Being surrounded by tea tree plants, their natural oil drips into the lake, creating a bath of water that has rejuvenation benefits for your skin. Setting up camp is a popular thing to do when visiting to give you an extended time to absorb the fresh air and replenish the soul.

Magnificent Minyon Falls, Byron Bay Nature walk

Minyon Falls

Winter may have many people pulling away from exploring the great outdoors but it also dishes up the perfect serenity for a green hike. Forget Mount Warning, we’ve got the next iconic climb. Whether you’re a pro trekker or not, Bryon’s majestic Minyon Falls offers a steep incline challenge for every level.

Being part of the World Heritage National Park, there are a number of loops to explore, including a 7.5km trail leading to a 100 metre waterfalls. While it is beautiful, it can get exhausting. Make sure to bring a small backpack that won’t add to the challenge with supplies to replenish. 

For more unearthed destinations to experience and the tips that go with them, the outdoor adventure experts at have you covered.

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