The Top 10 Travel Destinations and Trends for 2020

Icebergs in Antarctica

These are the top travel trends for 2020, collated from data collected from thousands of travellers.

Every year, Flight Centre collates data from a variety of sources to determine the world’s top travel trends.

This includes the best places to go glamping, little known destinations, where to ski off-piste, and how to find secluded locations less travelled.

These are ten from the list of fifty.

1. Travel Switzerland by Scenic Rail

Rail travel is already predicted as a trend for 2020. Skip the usual spots accessible only by car or plane and hop on a train instead. Dotted with green valleys, alpine villages and historic structures, this small mountainous country in the heart of Europe is best seen by train, as you access location only hikers, cattle, sheep or goats can get to.

There are a few ways to experience the scenic rail. There is the hop on and off which gives you the flexibility to stay in alpine villages and then connect with other train journeys. Or you can stay the entire trip on one train in a sleeper cabin to explore the alps.

2. Glamping in the Kimberly Region

If you don’t know what glamping, camping with resort-like qualities, is on the way up again as people retreat to nature and away from big cities.

The Bell George Wilderness Lodge is offering spectacular locations within their resort where you can glamp it up un style whilst admiring the beautiful Kimberly scenery.

Glamping facilities include full amenities so you don’t need to brave the outdoors in the middle of the night when you need to use the bathroom. And there is also a comfy bed to ensure you get a decent nights sleep.

stunning rocky coast with ocean in the middle and gorgeous views
The stunning Kimberley Region in Australia.

3. Thailand’s Floating Pagodas

Not for the faint-hearted, especially if your fitness level is below average. Prepare to hike, so wear comfortable shoes and pack a lot of water.

In the Camping Province of northern Thailand, the floating white pagodas of What Chaloem Phra Kiat Temple in the mountains are a sight to see, and a true delight once you reach the top.

There is also an option to take a helicopter ride, which takes you for a flyover over the Pagodas.

Thailand - image of spire though trees
Floating pagodas in Thailand.

4. Climb an Active Volcano on Vanuatu

Despite the turbulent issues of late, regarding volcanos and the risks associated with visiting an active one, hiking an active volcano in Vanuatu has still been ranked as one of the top travel trends for travellers in 2020.

Now more popular than ever, many travellers are seeking to interact one on one with active volcanoes around the world and it has become increasingly popular on the island of Vanuatu.

5. Visit Antarctica

Most known as a bucket-list travel destination, many travellers are travelling through the Antarctic sooner rather than later in life. With many spending their New Year’s observing penguins, polar bears, seals and more, as they sit upon luxurious cruise liners designed specifically for the location.

Two new expedition ships launched for 2020, the Aurora Expedition’s Greg Mortimer and Lindblad Expedition’s National Geographic Endurance.

6. Attend an Indian Wedding

If you prefer to travel grassroots style, mixing with the locals of a community and experiencing their culture first-hand from festivals to the food and more, why not attend a traditional Hindu Wedding in India and experience what a real Hindu wedding is like.

Another trend we have predicted for 2020 is the increased use of travel agents. Wendy Wu Tours have created a tour which gives you the opportunity to attend a traditional Indian wedding, as a guest.

7. Blend Your Own Wine

Visit the incredible d’Arenberg Cube winery in South Australia, where you will be surrounded by spectacular rolling green hills, but skip the general wine tasting and blend your own wine instead.

D’Arenberg Cube have a great package where you get to play winemaker for the day, bottling your own personalised wine to take home.

Make sure you stay for lunch in their very groovy and unique restaurant which includes colourful interiors with multicoloured chairs and a delicious seasonal menu.

arty cube shapes building with glass panels
The D’arenberg cube in South Australia is a feature of the whole area.

8. Pulpit Rock in Norway

Pulpit Rock is a sheer cliff which towers around 604 metres over the Lysefjord River in south-western Norway. It is one of the most famous natural attractions for tourists to visit whether by water or by land. Well known for the spectacular and breathtaking views.

By water, you can catch a river cruise and admire from below. By land, you can do a hiking tour, where a guide will lead you to some of the best lookout spots in the area.

Large pulpit rock with people standing on it, in norway
Norway’s pulpit rock is a spectacular place to hike to

9. Kayak with Orcas

Before you ask, yes it’s safe. Locals of British Columbia have been kayaking with the Canadian community of Orcas for many years now and now tourists can take part too. The best spot is in the Johnston Strait, between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia, home to one of the largest resident pod of Orcas in the world.

An amazing way to explore the Pacific Ocean and see Orcas in their natural habitat.

10. Visit the Isle of Skye

Climbing was voted by the Brits, as one of the most popular hobbies to do in your spare time. And with spectacular locations like the Isle of Skye located in England, it’s no wonder the Brits spend their weekends hiking green mountains to admire spectacular coastal cliffs and jagged mountains dotted with small villages.

The terrain is fairly easy to climb and hike depending on your fitness level. And the views from the epic peaks of Black Cuillin Ridge are epic.

Beautiful grassy coastline jutting into the ocean in the UK
The gorgeous Isle of Skye in the UK.

To see the full list of fifty with Flight Centre – click here.

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