London Michelin Star Restaurants: Le Dame De Pic London, Four Seasons Trinity Square

Already a London favourite, Le Dame De Pic Restaurant in The Four seasons Hotel Trinity Square has a Michelin Star and is certainly sparkling.

This gorgeous restaurant within London’s Four Seasons Hotel opposite the Tower Of London is brimming with glamour, and amazing food, and was awarded a Michelin Star in the 2018 Guide.

French chef Anne-Sophie Pic is the only current female chef to hold three Michelin stars, which she as awarded for her restaurant in France, Maison Pic. She is renowned for her detailed dishes with extraordinary flavour and art-like presentation.

Hers is a beautiful story, as she has had no formal training in cooking, but it is certainly in her blood. Her father Jacques Pic was a chef and her grandfather chef Andre Pic was also awarded three Michelin Stars. But Anne-Sophie grew up determined to make her own way in the corporate world and leave the food world behind.

She did internships for Cartier and Moet& Chandon, but her passion for cooking drew her back.

Aged 23, in 1992, she retuned to Maison Pic to work under her father to become a chef but he died three months later, so she the moved to front of house. Three years later in 1997 when the restaurant lost one of its Michelin stars, she went straight back into the kitchen, and ten years later in 2007 she won back the third star.

She was also awarded the Veuve Cliquot world’s best chef award in 2011 and in France in the same year, she was named a chevalier (knight) in France’s Legion of Honour.

So you see even dining here feels like a great honour.

Le Dame De Pic is a branch of her Paris offshoot Le Dame De Pic, located near The Louvre.

The setting of this restaurant within the astonishingly elegant and glamorous new Four Seasons Hotel, is absolutely stunning. It is difficult to decide which of the hotel’s stunning bars to have a pre-dinner drink in, although the restaurant itself is a great choice as there is an intimate bar area to enjoy one of the incredible cocktails before dinner.

The restaurant itself is one of the more relaxed areas of the hotel, which can at times feel almost overwhelming in its grace and style.

The food is extraordinary, with enormous attention to detail. Even the bread is subtly flavoured and there were gorgeous mouthfuls food brought out to begin.

We had Scottish langoustine seared in shellfish butter, which was beautifully presented with green vegetables.

The Hereford Beef had a coffee, cinnamon brown butter sauce, and it was exceptional. The meat melted in the mouth and the blend of flavours took it to another level.

The chocolate dessert was as beautiful to look at as it was to eat. Set in a perfectly neat square, it was fled with loose chocolate with green shoots of mint popping out, rather like a chocolate garden.

This is a restaurant to be savoured and to enjoy every detail ad morsel of food. Heaven.

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