Where To Eat And Drink in Bordeaux

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Where To Eat And Drink In Bordeaux To Have A Fantastic French Experience.

Renae lunching at Ganache in Bordeaux

The historical city of Bordeaux is not only a world capital of wine, but is one of the most beautiful cities outside Paris to enjoy history, 18th century architecture, luxury hotels and some of the world’s best wine, and food to match.

The city of Bordeaux has undergone a massive restoration program cleaning the buildings of pollution, and damage and upgrading the streets and facades to create beautiful, walkable, photographable streets. Cars have been banished from the centre of the city and replaced by trams.

Cave De Vin in Bordeaux

1 Cave de Vin Affordable local wines in a striking setting.

This is a must-see, and is a beautifully elegant bar showcasing the best of local wines and only serves wines from the Bordeaux area. Located in the centre of Bordeaux city, there is everything from sparkling to whites, reds and sweet wines, and the staff are very well informed to educate on the history of each and every bottle. 

Interiors are glossy and elegant, the highlight being a stained glass window depicting the Greek God Appollo surrounded by wine glasses and vines. The best part is that all wines are very reasonably priced from just 2 Euro. There are some food platters on offer as well.

Ganache Restaurant in Bordeaux is one of Bordeaux’s Best.

2. Ganache – Extraordinary modern venue with exceptional food.

This two storey venue was one of my favourite dining experiences in Bordeaux as everything about it is modern, elegant and full of rich, French life. As the restaurant name suggests, there is a focus on sweets and on chocolate including a gourmet chocolate shop Ganache La Chocolaterie on the premises.

The food is fantastically fresh, modern and global – the perfect restaurant when you have had enough of traditional French bistro food. The menu changes every quarter with the seasons, but think guacamole, prawns with salad, langoustine, margret de canard, and incredible caramel and chocolate desserts, and so much more.  Vegan options are available.

The interiors are an instagrammer’s dream, think multi coloured walls, plants and baskets suspended from the ceiling – just stunning.

The cocktails are gorgeous and taste as good as they look, and of course there are amazing wines by the glass. I would rush back here in a heart beat for lunch or dinner – or just for some of their chocolate.

Le Bistro du Gabriel is warm and elegant.

3. Le  Bistro du Gabriel – gorgeous designer French dining.

This is where the beautiful people dine, and is quality, French designer gastronomic dining at its very best. I could write an entire review just about the wine list, it is so dense, varied and delicious with many selections by the glass. The interiors are super sophisticated, think pastel and cream hues, high ceilings, with an elegant bar and large outdoor terrace in summer leading to Place de la Bourse, one of the most beautiful locations in the city. The wait staff are all gorgeous.

The menu changes seasonally and offers local regional cuisine. There is a set menu, sharing options and a few a la carte choices. The shared meat option is a great one as it is carved at the table, and another highlight is the dessert trolley.

Le7 Restaurant in Bordeaux

4. Le 7 Restaurant – Stunning Bordeaux Views, and global dining.

This upscale restaurant is located in the amazing Cite Du Vin, on the 7th floor, the city’s incredible centre for wine education (and tasting) which is a must – visit during a stay in Bordeaux. The dining experience at Le7 Restaurant is all about the views and the French food and wine matching. Le 7 restaurant has stunning views of Bordeaux as well as the Garonne River, which makes the experience particularly enjoyable by day or at sunset.

There is a food and wine pairing menu, which changes regularly according to the seasons, and you can select your wine by country – this is an international wine centre after all, but you can also select your food by global location, which is unique.

Le Pressoir d’argent Gordon Ramsay

5. Le Pressoir d’Argent Gordon Ramsay, at the InterContinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel

By rights this two Michelin star restaurant should be number one on my list but I did not eat there as it was closed in summer when I was there – what a catastrophe. But this is consistently voted not only as one of the best restaurants in the area, but as one of the best in the world.

The celebrity of Gordon Ramsay brings much celebrity fanfare, as does a silver lobster sitting in the middle of the venue (one of just four in the world), after which the restaurant is named.

Fresh ingredients and the highest quality food and an extraordinary wine list are constantly written about in reviews.

Bar Cave in Bordeaux is casual but very French

6. Bar Cave in Bordeaux – Casual but fantastically warm and inviting.

With super elegant interiors, this wine cellar bar is packed with couples looking for romance and fabulous wines by the glass. It is all about the wine, as you can ask for food to go with your glass or bottle. Located in an old building in a lively area, you can stay for dinner. For me this had a very local vibe, and the waiter’s passion for wine and the variety on offer is often not seen at many venues. A lovely casual venue to pop into any time.

Le Prince Noir has one Michelin star.

7. Le Prince Noir – Dining within a castle’s grounds.

This fine dining one Michelin star restaurant is located outside of Bordeaux in the grounds of a castle within a magnificent building built in 1453, and nominated as a historical monument, so it is an incredible venue to dream of Bordeaux in years gone by. The grounds are worth exploring prior to lunch or dinner and essential for your instagram account.

Guests choose a four or six course menu, which regularly changes, and the chef often comes out to meet diners and discuss their preferences.

8. Marche des Capucins – Glorious local markets with sit down tables to eat and drink.

This is a must- see for anyone visiting Bordeaux, as the food and wine quality and diversity is incredible, and this is the easiest way to sample a huge cross section of local French delicacies from local oysters to roast duck, fresh bread, crunchy roast pork, the local cannelé sweets, locally made chocolate, macarons and more in a very relaxed environment.

Renae at Cite Du Vin in Bordeaux.
Renae at Cite Du Vin in Bordeaux.

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