Liv Gussing Burgess, Luxury Hotels.

Liv Gussing Burgess is a global expert in the luxury hotel space.

Liv Gussing Burgess is a visionary within the global luxury hotel space. With three decades of experience, she has worked with some of the most prestigious hotels in the world, including Aman Resorts, Six Senses, and The St Regis.

Liv founded Luxury Hotel Consulting in 2011 in London, navigating the way for hotel owners and investors to create, develop, and bring to life luxury hotel concepts and experiences.

She is also a university nominated alumni trustee at Cornell University, where she studied hotel management.

A Career in Luxury Hospitality

Burgess’s career in luxury hospitality began as a hotel butler at The St Regis Hotel in New York City before moving to Asia.

Fourteen years at Aman Resorts allowed her to expand the brand with new resort openings in Marrakech, Wyoming, French Polynesia, and Java. Gussing Burgess also spent seven years as General Manager at Amandari, in Bali, Indonesia. 

The St Regis Hotel New York, where Liv Gussing Burgess started her career in hospitality.

The Future of Luxury Hospitality

Burgess is a strong advocate for sustainability in the luxury hospitality industry. She believes that luxury hotels can be environmentally responsible without sacrificing their high standards of luxury.

Burgess is also a proponent of technology in the luxury hotel space. She believes that technology can be used to improve the guest experience and make hotels more efficient, but she is quick to say that luxury is ultimately about personal connection.

Inspiring Others

Burgess is a role model for women in the luxury hospitality industry. She is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, and she is committed to mentoring and supporting young women in the industry.

Having lived in over ten countries on four continents, she is a global citizen who believes in the power of diverse teams. She is committed to mentoring and supporting young women in the industry and is actively engaged with her alma mater, Cornell University where she studied hotel management.


Liv Gussing Burgess is a visionary within the global luxury hotel space. She is a pioneer in sustainability and technology, and she is committed to making the luxury hotel industry more inclusive. Burgess is an inspiration to women in the industry, and she is a force for change in the luxury hospitality world.

In this interview with Renae Leith-Manos, she opens up about the future of luxury hotels and the way she sees the industry evolving.

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