Jet-Set Luxury Travel Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Luxury Travel Hotspots and Exclusive Luxury Hotels

Are you a true luxury globetrotter? Take our luxury travel quiz to see how well you know the world’s most exclusive travel destinations and services.

Here’s a luxury travel quiz designed for luxury travelers e from Australia, who enjoy high-end travel to global destinations and enjoy staying at luxury hotels, flying in business or first and enjoying the best luxury travel has to offer.

Luxury Travel Quiz for the Seasoned Jetsetter

  1. What is the signature afternoon tea dish at The Dorchester in London?
  2. Which Peninsula hotel was the first to open, and in what year?
  3. What is the famous shopping street near Mandarin Oriental, Paris?
  4. Name the airline that offers a “Book the Cook” service in their premium classes.
  5. In which city can you find the original Mandarin Oriental Hotel?
  6. What is the iconic landmark to view from The Peninsula Tokyo’s rooms?
  7. What famous beach in Bali is a must-visit for luxury sunbathers?
  8. Which Singapore Airlines aircraft is known for its ultra luxurious first-class suites?
  9. Name a signature spa treatment exclusive to the Dorchester Collection.
  10. What art-centric neighborhood is a must-visit in Paris for luxury travelers?
  11. Which Tokyo district is renowned for its luxury shopping and fine dining?
  12. What is the traditional fabric-making village you can visit near Bali?
  13. Which signature cocktail is a must-try at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, Singapore?
  14. What exclusive service does Qatar Airways offer to first-class passengers on select flights?
  15. What famous garden in the South of France was inspired by the paintings of Claude Monet?
  16. What is the unique architectural feature of the Peninsula Hong Kong?
  17. Which London department store is known for its luxurious goods and royal warrants?
  18. Name the famous art museum located near Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo.
  19. Which Mediterranean town on the French Riviera is famed for its annual film festival?
  20. What iconic Australian designer might you shop for in Paris’s boutiques?
  21. What is the most scenic train journey to take from Tokyo to view Mount Fuji?
  22. Which Qantas service allows you to maximize comfort on ultra-long-haul flights?
  23. What local delicacy should you try in a traditional Parisian bistro?
  24. Name the traditional Balinese dance that is a cultural highlight for visitors.
  25. Which French wine region is a short trip away from the South of France and renowned for its rosé?
The Londoner, Leicester Square is the world’s first super boutique hotel.

Here are the responses to the above Jet-Set Luxury Travel Quiz: to test your knowledge on luxury travel hotspots and exclusive luxury hotels:

  1. Scones with clotted cream and jam.
  2. The Peninsula Hong Kong, 1928.
  3. Rue Saint-Honoré.
  4. Singapore Airlines.
  5. Hong Kong.
  6. Tokyo Tower or Mount Fuji, depending on the room.
  7. Seminyak Beach.
  8. Airbus A380.
  9. Aroma Stone Therapy.
  10. Le Marais.
  11. Ginza.
  12. Tenganan.
  13. Singapore Sling.
  14. Onboard lounge or private suites.
  15. The Gardens of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild.
  16. The tower with a double staircase.
  17. Harrods.
  18. The National Museum of Modern Art (MOMAT).
  19. Cannes.
  20. Zimmermann.
  21. The Shinkansen bullet train.
  22. Qantas Sleep Service.
  23. Escargots (snails) or Foie Gras.
  24. Kecak dance.
  25. Provence.

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