Road Test, Ultraformer MPT. Revolutionising Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

I discovered The Advanced Capabilities of Ultraformer MPT for Lasting Beauty Transformations

Transforming Skin Aesthetics with Ultraformer MPT: The Next Generation in Skin Tightening and Textural Improvement

In the dynamic and fast growing realm of medical aesthetics, the introduction of Ultraformer MPT marks a significant evolution in non-surgical skin tightening and rejuvenation technologies for women of all ages, but especially in the 40’s and 50’s.

Known for its high-performance outcomes, the Ultraformer series has been a staple in aesthetic clinics globally. I have been an advocate for years and regularly have a six monthly ultraformer treatment and then top-up. You can see my previous reviews here, which were always positive. This treatment is a game changer.

For me, Ultraformer MPT Ultraformer allows me to go make-up free for at least 6 months after treatment without flinching. My skin looks that good.

The latest addition, Ultraformer MPT, takes the technology and the results to a whole new level. This is skin refreshing, tightening and rejuvenating at its best.

Ultraformer MPT utilises cutting-edge Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound (MMFU) technologies, taking the potential of non-invasive treatments to new heights with advanced thermal coagulation technology.

This innovation delivers faster, more customised treatments with much less discomfort, redefining the experience and results in skin enhancement. An innovation of Ultraformer MPT is salmon sperm – ot injected – but put onto the face topically and rubbed in using the machine. This adds an additional glow-up to the skin’s surface.

I love this treatment as it works and works exceptionally well. I feel like my skin is tightened at least 2 centimetres immediately afterwards, and the tightening and collagen boosting continues for at least 6 months It is a blessing for my skin type at my age.

What I love most is that I walk out feeling and looking incredible, but the results actually get better over time as the collagen is stimulated. It is truly remarkable.

This model significantly enhances the precision of treatments, targeting deeper skin layers to stimulate collagen synthesis. The result is more durable skin tightening and lifting, creating visibly younger-looking skin.

I took my beautiful friend Georgia with me for the treatment, and even though we are different ages, we both had sensational results. She says:

Georgia: “I had wanted to have Ultraformer MTP for ages, as I have seen such incredible results on social media. I was nervous that it might be painful, but it wasn’t at all. I fell asleep during the treatment and found it very calming. The salmon sperm at the end was very hydrating and soothing. My skin was loving it. I was thrilled with the results directly after the treatment. Within days friends were commenting that I looked refreshed and my skin had a glow.

Three months later my skin just keeps getting better. I feel like it is tighter and refreshed all over as well as plumper and hydrated. I really love this treatment for women in their 40s and will return every year to have it again and again.”

What Sets Ultraformer MPT Apart?

Ultraformer MPT integrates advanced MMFU Thermal Coagulation Point (TCP) technology, offering unmatched safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Benefits of Ultraformer MPT:

  • Speed and Comfort: The Ultraformer MPT provides treatments that are significantly quicker and more comfortable, allowing for a smoother and more efficient user experience. I had no pain at all during the treatment.
  • Precision Targeting: With its refined technology, the Ultraformer MPT can precisely target specific areas, aiding in effective contouring and achieving a refined, youthful appearance. (The facial areas that I am focused on are aorund my mouth and under the eyes and it is excellent for both).
  • Collagen Stimulation: The device not only contours but also stimulates new collagen production while tightening existing collagen fibers, effectively addressing signs of aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles both now and down the track. The way I see it, it gives skin a double whammy of support.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: The combination of speed, advanced handpieces, and reduced discomfort during treatments ensures a superior overall patient experience.

Who should have Ultraformer MPT?

Ultraformer MPT stands at the forefront of non-invasive aesthetic treatments, offering a revolutionary solution across all age groups and an effective alternative to combat the signs of ageing without resorting to invasive procedures.

Its use of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology ensures treatments are safe, precise, and give long lasting results ( I see my skin looking fabulous for 10 months to a year with ultraformer).

I saw visible improvements in skin tightness and texture immediately after the procedure.

The full benefits have continued to develop over six months as the skin produces more collagen, with results typically lasting about a year with proper skin care and follow-ups.

The Ultraformer MPT Experience:

Choosing Ultraformer MPT means opting for a state-of-the-art treatment that not only promises but delivers substantial improvements in skin aesthetics.

I believe it is an ideal choice for individuals aiming to rejuvenate their skin efficiently and effectively, ensuring they look as vibrant and youthful as they feel.

Ultraformer MPT represents a leap forward in the field of aesthetic medicine, offering practitioners and patients alike a powerful tool to achieve and maintain optimum aesthetic outcomes.

Whether addressing facial wrinkles, tightening saggy skin, or enhancing the overall texture, Ultraformer MPT is an indispensable part of modern aesthetic practices.

The technical jargan – Key Innovations in Ultraformer MPT:

  1. Advanced Thermal Coagulation Point Technology: The Ultraformer MPT leverages micro pulsed technology to achieve a thermal coagulation point 25 times finer than traditional MMFU technologies. This allows for superimposed energy delivery across dense treatment areas, dividing the TCP generation into micro-units for unmatched precision and quality.
  2. Enhanced Precision and Coverage: The device’s capability to generate 417 TCPs over a treatment length of 25mm ensures that practitioners can target specific areas with minimal impact on surrounding tissues, setting a new standard in aesthetic treatment outcomes.
  3. Versatility and Adaptability: Featuring three handpieces and 10 interchangeable transducers, the Ultraformer MPT addresses a wide spectrum of aesthetic concerns—from skin laxity and wrinkles to facial contouring and body sculpting. Its multi-select MMFU modes, including Normal, Micro Pulse, Circular, and Micro Circular, are easily adjustable with a single touch.
  4. The Ultra-Booster Handpiece: A standout addition, the Ultra-Booster Handpiece, with three cartridges at varying depths, is designed for enhanced precision in challenging facial areas. This handpiece works in tandem with the Deep Synergy Booster serum, a complex blend of active ingredients that synergistically enhance the skin’s firmness, brightness, and hydration.
  5. Efficiency in Treatment: The Ultraformer MPT reduces treatment time by more than 2.5 times compared to previous models. This increase in speed, coupled with the absence of the need for transducer recalibration, streamlines the treatment process, significantly enhancing patient comfort and reducing downtime.

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