Luxury Travel Tips: Spanish style hotel in Cusco

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This stunning Spanish style hotel in Cusco, Peru, The Belmond Palacio Nazarenas is absolute Spanish luxury.

The Spanish style architecture of this former convent gives The Belmond Palacio Nazarenas an elegant feeling of glamour and grandeur as well as femininity. I loved my stay here, and felt like a Spanish Princess in my palatial suite which came with its own butler.

The 55 suites sit around small courtyards, with fountains or native flower and herb gardens filling the air with an aromatic fragrance and creating an intimate but hedonistic feel.

The pool is heated to 28 degrees at The Belmond Palacio Nazarenas

My butler insisted on a Pisco Sour cocktail class for me and my new American friends I met on the Haram Bingham train to Machu Picchu a few days before, and what a brilliant way that was to start my stay in this luxurious, upmarket hotel.

When my butler took me to my suite, he asked if I would like to slice up my own freshly made hand-made soaps for the bathroom (which I did in a nanosecond), and showed me a pile of products to indulge in, including bath salts, bath cubes, and  bath gels (yep, 3 types).

There is a beautiful spa in the hotel, which has unique exposed inca ruins in the floors, that sit beneath glass panels under the massage tables, a gentle reminder of the history within the luxury hotel’s walls – and floors.

But frankly you don’t need visual reminders, the energy of the history that has take place here is evident just walking around. Cusco and particularly this hotel is filled with the energy of the generations of people who lived here before, which is what gives it such a unique feel, and which is why thousands flock here every year.

The pool was Cusco’s first and is still a show stopper today. It is heated to 28 degrees. It’s  located in a gorgeous setting reminiscent of 1950’s Spain with gorgeous modern seating, towels and a restaurant overlooking the water.

The Belmond Palazio Nazarenas.
Renae in the pool at The Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, absolute Spanish luxury.

In Cusco, there are times when the 200 metre walk to Cusco’s square can be too much after scaling the surrounding area by day, and the hotel’s own restaurant is stunning with all of the local delights including ceviche, and even guinea pig (which I could barely bring myself to try I must admit) on the menu.

The wines in this part of the world are spectacular, and the ones served here are no exception.

The Belmond Palacio Nazarenas’ chapel was a highlight for me, as powerful religious images are framed in 24 carat gold, sculptures sit beside them in the small religious space overflowing with spiritual energy and history.

Rooms are elegantly white with towering ceilings, stunningly large bathrooms, and beds, and each is oxygenated – critical for many guests in this part of the world, where oxygen can be an issue, especially for the super fit. I struggled in Cusco, which was a shock.

This stunning Spanish style rooms in this five star hotel in Cusco, The Belmond Palacio Nazarenas.

Returning here after a visit to Machu Picchu is ideal, as it somehow seems to bring the memory of the ruins together in a liveable, modern way reminiscent of how some aspects of the incredible Machu Picchu world may have been.

I just loved my stay in this hotel, and have absolutely no complaints at all, other than I should have stayed more than just two nights.



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