Travel hacks to Help Survive a Long-haul Flight

There are many travel hacks to deal with a long-haul flight.

Australia is one of the most well-travelled nations on earth.

Here are nine travel hacks to help you survive a long-haul flight:

  1. Reduce calorie, coffee and alcohol in the days leading up to your flight.

The body needs support to recover quickly from the lower oxygen levels, and confined space over such a long period. Start giving the digestive system a break before the flight by reducing your food intake and alcohol, and reduced caffeine is a must as itwill help you relax.

2. Fly at night whenever you can.

The body is naturally winding down at night, so ti makes sense to board a flight in the kart afternoon to give yourself the best chance of rest. Arriving at your destination before lunch time is also ideal and get outside into the natural light as much as possible

3. Choose your seat:

Get in early and choose your seat if you are travelling economy. The sooner the better, as the option to select seats with more leg room and in the best locations go quickly. Look at things like whether you need easy access to the bathroom, how close to the front of the aircraft you want to be, to you want to be upstairs, or whether choosing an aisle seat would be ideal for your travel.

4. Get your body prepared for travel:

A week before your flight, spend extra time at the gym, do yoga, stretch a lot and try and include a thirty-minute walk into your daily routine. This preps the body for sitting down for prolonged periods. Fresh air as well as regular movement is the best way to prepare your body for a long flight.

5. Power up:

Make sure your devices are fully charged. Most airlines provide USB and power charging ports on-board, so pack your charging cables in your carry-on also. And, think about purchasing a portable charger  for back up, particularly if the unforseen happens and you end up stranded in an airport.

6. Bring back-up entertainment:

Load your devices with your favourite music, games, movies or television shows as a back-up plan for entertainment on the plane. And don’t forget some magazines and a good book.

TIP: Pack a colouring-in book for relaxation colour therapy on-board and some crossword puzzles for stimulation.

7. Get comfy – pack pyjamas if you are not in business:

There is a reason business and first passengers are given pyjamas. If rocking a tracksuit for the flight is not your thing, pack a comfy outfit and some PJ’s for sleeping, so when the cabin lights dim, you can settle in for the flight and  be comfortable.

8. Pack some snacks:

Even though meals and snacks are served throughout the flight, there are always long periods of time on a long-haul flight where nothing is served. Pack some treats like chocolate and some dried fruit and nuts for a healthy snack to help you deal with any hunger pains which may occur between meals.

9. Stretch, walk and do yoga on the flight:

Okay, so the yoga part might not be your thing to do whilst mid-flight. But, stretching and taking a walking is a must. Don’t sit for too long, without getting up and moving around. Blood and oxygen flow are vital for optimal health, and when you sit for too long this flow gets blocked. If you’re game, take a walk to the back of the plane and stretch out in downward dog.

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