London Travel: This mindfulness guru is changing lives ( at Harrods)

I was lucky enough to have a one on one session with the Mindfulness Guru Harrods says is one of the world’s best.

We’ve all seen that meme that says change yourself & you will change the world, but taking the first step to actually do that has been the big challenge – until now.

Terrence the teacher is as humble and gentle as they come. He’s London’s mindfulness guru, and session by session, client by client, he’s helping the people around him and who he meets change the world.

You won’t hear him shouting about his success from his personal studio in Harrod’s new multi million pound wellness centre in London nor will he tell you about his friendship with shoe designer Christian Laboutin (who has named a shoe after him – truly).

Terrence is the walking embodiment of the mantra that from life’s toughest situations come the strongest people, but that strength sits beneath a gentle demeanour and softly spoken approach to life.

He is South African, and his background is heartbreaking. This man has survived it all, even a heart attack in recent years, but I will leave that for another day. It’s his skills as a mindfulness teacher, reaching people to change their language, their thougths and even their breathing that have made him into a guru, already.

The Session with Terrence:

So what is a one on one session like with this mindfulness guru? In one word? Chilled.

His room in Harrod’s Wellness Clinic is calming but sophisticated. I drank fresh water infused with lemon whilst he slowly & simply explained how our minds work in relation to forming new habits & the effect of calmness within the brain, drawing diagrams as he went.

Terrence told me several insightful things which have helped me during my day to day life, from what particular numbers mean in my life, including my birth date & times of the day to what my life’s purpose is.

We then went through a series of breathing exercises, where Terrence explained how & why they work. He really simplifies life down to the bare minimum and makes you see what is truly important, (and by the way, it’s not the D&G jacket that caught your eye on Harrods’ fashion floor on the way in to see him).

Terrence advised that if I could do these every day for 20 minutes, my mind would be altered within 30 days & that’s according to science. Yes, it’s possible to re-wire your own brain. That’s another thing I like about Terrence, his work is based on facts, science.

He has studied and practises NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, another life altering method for overcoming life’s challenges.

Terrence usually conducts his sessions in groups of three, so you can follow up on your progress, and he also conducts retreats. Many people become hooked on his methods after one session.

Whether you want less stress in your life, to lose weight, or find the right relationship, Terrence puts you on the path for you to achieve your life goals.

But don’t go unless you are truly ready to change your life, as this man is the real deal.

If you can’t get to London any time soon, check out Terrence’s App, Taking Weight Off Your Mind, a brilliant app to help lose weight and a great introduction to this amazing guru and how he works.


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