London is cheaper than Sydney: These are the World’s Most Expensive Cities

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In 2019, These are the World’s Most Expensive Cities Revealed (and the cheapest)

It’s no surprise to any global traveler that Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong have been named the most expensive cities in the world. But did you know Sydney has become more expensive than London.

They came in as the most expensive cities in the world in terms of cost of living in a study by EUI of 133 cities globally. (Click here to read about one of the best and priciest Paris Restaurants).

The World's Most Expensive (and cheapest) cities revealed - Paris
Paris, The Palais du Louvre is one of the world’s top 3 most expensive cities to live in.

Singapore is the only city surveyed to maintain its top 10 rating, and for Paris, it is the 16th consecutive year they have been in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. (Here are some of the cities best coffee shops for more incentive to visit).

The World's Most Expensive (and cheapest) cities revealed - Singapore
Singapore remains one of the world’s priciest places to live.

It’s the first time three cities have shared the top spot, in the annual study that considers food, transport and rent as well as the cost of 1kg of white bread, a staple in almost every city.

What may surprise is that in Australia, Melbourne dropped to 22nd, but is are still ranked amongst the most expensive cities in the Asia Pacific.  Whilst Adelaide (51) and Perth (64) had huge reductions in the index, making them a cheaper Australian residential option.

Sydneysiders might be shocked to know their city didn’t make the top 10 and in fact dropped to 16th, making it more affordable than this time last year according to the study.

The World's Most Expensive (and cheapest) cities revealed - Osaka, Japan.
Osaka, Japan remains in the top 10 most expensive cities. Dotonbori Arcade, the center of Minami area of Osaka, Japan.

But Sydney is officially more expensive than London according to the index. Londoners might be even more stunned to hear their city came in at number 22 behind Dublin (19) and surprisingly for the UK,  Manchester is the second most expensive city after London at (51).

The World's Most expensive (and cheapest) cities revealed - New York
New York came in at 7.

Zurich, Switzerland is number 4, Geneva, tied at number 5 with Osaka Japan.  Seoul,  Copenhangen and New York share 7th place.  Then Tel Aviv and LA share 10th spot.

Emerging economies including Itsanbul, Moscow and St Petersburg fell largely due to high inflation and currency depreciation.

1. Singapore, Singapore

1. Paris, France

1. Hong Kong, China

4. Zurich, Switzerland

5. Geneva, Switzerland

5. Osaka, Japan

7. Seoul, South Korea

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

7. New York, US

10. Tel Aviv, Israel

10. Los Angeles, US 

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