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How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Five Star Hotel Room

The joy of staying in a luxury hotel room are the luxury, quality details, and with some effort, you can create them at home.

There is nothing better than indulging in a luxurious five star hotel room with all the trimmings.

And there are ways you can create the same feeling within your own bedroom, given we are unlikely to be staying in a five star hotel room any time soon.

Feelings are about awaking the senses, from smell to touch and taste. Here are some simple tips to help you create that five star hotel room feeling at home.

beautiful luxury hotel room in Paris with large white bed, rod pillows, a secured background and white walls
The Hotel Plaza Atheénéé Paris is a dream hotel room; Now that you have time on your hands, be prepared to throw away anything you haven’t used in 12 months

De-Clutter: The Four Seasons, The Peninsula Hotels and all hotel rooms have a feeling of space as they don’t have unnecessary furniture and stuff long around. Now that you have time on your hands, be prepared to throw away anything you haven’t used in 12 months and anything outdated or unattractive. Use whicker boxed baskets as storage but the aim of the game here is to throw away as much as possible, or at least remove it from the bedroom.

large double bed in hotel room with brown wooden walls and brown carpet.
The Grand Hyatt Tokyo is an extreme but elegant example of minimalism in a hotel room.

Sheets and towels: Having sheets with a high thread count and fluffy towels is just one of the joys of hotel rooms. Many companies are having sales online, so get shopping and get some quality delivered to your door. Both Hilton and Ritz Carlton sell their sheets on-line- hurrah! So you can actually have genuine hotel bed sheets. Otherwise I like Sheraton in Australia – and think plain white, white stripes or hotel stripes.

Luxury hotel room with cream nd green interiors, large green chairs with two large windows  behind, large bed with green rug at end
The Goring Hotel, London, a favourite with the Royals., and with luxe but warm furnishings.

Room Spray/Fragrance: Many hotels (in fact most) have their own fragrance, which means you too can create your own fragrance for your bedroom. Many hotels including The Myconian Ambassador in Mykonos, the Faena in Buenos Ares sell their own fragrances, but Jo Malone’s at-home fragrances are a great go-to you can buy here.

cream hotel room with bed and small oval mirror.
The Dorchester’s Eden Hotel, Room. Beautiful light filled hotel rooms.

Fresh Flowers: Do not underestimate how much joy and life fresh flowers can bring to a room. Even frangipanis placed in a shallow bowl of water inject life into a room straight away, but many florists are still delivering, and a bunch of flowers provides effortless beauty and style.

The Hotel Plaza Athénéé, Paris: Do not underestimate how much joy and life fresh flowers can bring to a room

Candles: Candles emit a fragrance even when not lit, and lighting them at night can create a truly relaxing ambience and cocoon away from everything. These are beautiful in the bathroom too. Ecoya has divine fragrances, and many hotels including La Reserve sell their own.

brunette woman standing up in front of large, luxurious green curtain in hotel room in paris
Renae in her suite at Le Meurice, a stunning hotel room in Paris 6 weeks ago.

A water carafe with glasses: Riedel sell beautiful matching carafe and glasses sets, and some water infused with fresh orange or cucumber slices adds luxury and freshness to a room.

Bedroom suite in five star hotel with huge ceilings and a large double bed next to a tall window
A spectacular two floor suite with large window overlooking the River at Intercontinental-Hotel Dieu

Champagne: A pair of elegant champagne glasses sitting on a gold tray ( which you can by from k-mart for $12) adds a feeling of anticipation and luxury to a room.

The New York Palace Hotel Suite, Budapest.

Mattresses: This might be a bit harder to buy during isolation, but on-line stores are still open and they do deliver mattresses. A quality mattress will give you a great night’s sleep. Many brands have hotel quality mattresses which are generally the same price as the others. Keetsa mattresses are used by 1hotels, but I have not tried them.

Moasic black and white tiles on bathroom floor with large square mirror and sinks
Beaumont Hotel, London: The black and white mosaics on my bathroom floor were stunning.

Luxe Chocolates: There is nothing better than luxury chocolates left on the pillow at turn down. During a recent stay at The Beaumont Hotel, I fell in love with the daily chocolate deliveries. But you too can create this feeling of decadence and indulgence at home. Adora Chocolates have beautiful chocolates and the Double Bay store is still open or you can order on-line.

red wine glass with block of dark chocolate next to it.
During a recent stay at The Beaumont Hotel, I fell in love with the daily chocolate deliveries.

Pillows: This is an easy fix. Both Marriott and The Westin sell their pillows online, but for a bargain jump on the website for K-Mart and order a mix of feather and down or a hypoallergenic pillow if you need.

luxe hotel room with silver wallpaper and a large bed
Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta: Luxury robes are all part of the five star hotel experience

Luxury robes are all part of the five star hotel experience, and most hotels sell their own branded products. For a treat, contact the Westin or Marriot or even Raffles in Singapore , La Reserve, your favourite hotel and order a pair to be delivered,

Minimalist hotel room in Tokyo japan with nedlooking out over 3 windows
The Peninsula Hotel Room, Tokyo Japan

Slippers: I am not a slippers person, even when staying at the best hotels and using the spas. I am a bare feet kind of girl. But there are many brands to buy on-line including Vionic, which are said to promote foot health.

spa bath at the end of hotel room with benches on each side and window at the end overlooking skyscrapers
Luxurious Bathroom at The Peninsula Home, Tokyo, Japan.

Beauty Products: This is the time to treat yourself to luxury shower products, and don’t forget a fabulous hand wash.. Jo-Malone, Molton Brown and so many brands have beautiful luxury shower gels and shampoos and conditioners for sale on-line. Ecoya have exceptional rinse free hand wash in gorgeous fragrances including French Pear and elderflower & coconut. (At the time of publication, Jo Malone in Woollahra was still open if you want to shop in-store).

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