You Can Still Visit the British Museum and The Louvre Right Now – Here’s How

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Virtual tours of the world’s famous landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower to Everest Base Camp, are an easy and engaging way to experience the world without leaving your home.

For the travel-obsessed, this current time is a challenging one. We’re used to being able to escape at the drop of a hat, jump on that next flight out, and experience a whole new world of culture.

But with no end in sight to travel restrictions, it seems this way of life is on hold for now.

Yet with technology at its best, it doesn’t mean that learning and experiencing new sights has to stop; it just has to evolve.

From online galleries and museums, to 360 degree virtual tours of archaeological sites, here is the ultimate guide to seeing the world – without even leaving your home.

A virtual day at the museum: British Museum, Musée d’Orsay and the Metropolitan Museum of Art + More

More than 2500 museums across the world have joined forces with Google Arts & Culture to present online exhibits and virtual tours of their collections.

Unlike visiting these sites in person, there are no lines or crowds blocking the main attractions.

Get an unobstructed view of Van Gogh’s best work at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This virtual tour features walk throughs of the museum using Google’s street view function.

Van Gogh Museum virtual tour online google street view
Using the power of Google Street view, you can undertake a virtual tour and explore the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – just minus the crowds.

Explore the history of the Italian Renaissance with online collections from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Further, experience virtual contemporary art at the Museum of Modern Art in New York

Museum of Modern Art New York online
The world of contemporary art is at your fingertips. Image: MoMA

Additionally, the British Museum offers a fascinating interactive timeline throughout history across the different continents.

Offerings such as this are a great way to experience the world’s art and culture.

As a bonus, they’re also an easy way to keep children entertained and engaged, learning about real world history and content.

Virtual Hikes Are Set to be The Next Big Thing

The concept of an virtual hike seems like something out of a bad 80s movie, where the mad protagonist has just discovered technology.

But they’re now a reality, with many famous landmarks offering virtual tours of their sites.

Experience one of America’s biggest natural drawcards, The Grand Canyon.

The canyon’s popular 9.3 mile Bright Angel Trail is available to be explored with Google’s Street View Trekker.

It’s a new innovation by Google that sees their street view cameras strapped to the backpacks of hikers.

virtual tour hike the grand canyon google
Using the white arrows, you can take a virtual tour of a hike in The Grand Canyon. image: Google

The 360 degree camera offers gorgeous panoramic views, as well as close ups of the ages old sedimentary rock.

Additionally, Head to the world’s highest peak, the Everest Base Camp in Nepal, without the altitude problems.

Situated on the border between Nepal and China, hiking to the Everest Base Camp is a dream of many.

But the 11-14 day hike is often met with challenges, including altitude sickness, fatigue, dehydration, and in worst case scenario, avalanches and earthquakes.

Now the hike can be experienced without even leaving the loungeroom, with Google Earth offering 3D panoramic exploration of the site and an interactive map.

Experience the iconic colourful prayer flags, snow-capped mountains and the mysterious atmosphere brought by low hanging clouds by dragging the mouse around the screen, a new virtual experience.

Natural Wonders of the World brought inside

Or, head to Egypt and experience the grandeur of ancient tombs, pyramids and artefacts.

virtual tour of tomb of queen meresankh
Experience the ancient wonders of Egypt from your living room.

The tour of the Tomb of Queen Meresankh III is a highlight, with ancient hieroglyphics and statutes clearly visable.

There’s the option to explore and also learn more as if on a guided tour, by clicking on points of interest. 

Other virtual tours include the Statue of Liberty, the Amazon Rainforest, Niagara Falls  or even the Sahara Desert.

SamsungVR even offers a virtual guided tour of the Eiffel Tour. It’s complete with French guide Frederick who offers knowledge and facts of the historic landmark.

A Virtual Digital Safari

There’s just something about watching a tiger cub fight playfully with its siblings or a giraffe foraging for food; animals excite both young and old.

Many zoos across the world are offering digital virtual entrances to their animal enclosures via streaming services. It means we’re gifted with an up-close and personal look that isn’t even available when visiting a zoo in person.

Melbourne Zoo is offering a live, birds eye view into the homes of their Snow Leopard Cubs, penguins and giraffes.

While tigers, elephants and seals are all on offer at Taronga Zoo’s  virtual cams.

As like any zoo, though, the animals operate on their own schedule, exploring and playing where and when they want.

It may mean that you’ll be viewing a live cam of an empty enclosure – but it’s a great addition to have playing in the background of a workspace, offering a sense of calm and excitement.

Simply can’t wait for the travel restrictions to end? Here’s where will be an emerging destination once lockdown is over.

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