Hotel Review Four Seasons Resort, The Nam Hai, Vietnam

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Hotel Review of the stunning Four Seasons Resort, The Nam Hai, Veitnam

The Nam Hai has been re-born as A Four Seasons Resort, and it’s e even better.

The Nam Hai has been one of the most celebrated and talked about resorts in the Asia Pacific Region since it opened 10 years ago. However it has been taken up a few notches with a spectacular re-brand by The Four Seasons Group.

 It is located on a beach named by Forbes as one of the best beaches in the world. And it is difficult to find anything not to like about this spectacular resort.

The re-brand:

The spectacular renovation of this five star Asian resort, set to opened just over a year ago. The interiors are a dramatic balance of wind and water inspired by ancient feng shui. The revamp to the 100 suites or retreats reflect this theme with smooth, calming colour palettes, Asian aretfacts and calming views.

It was The Four Seasons 100th resort, and at the helm of what is set to be one of the world’s greatest resorts is Resort Manager David Macklin.  He already has a reputation as a superstar within the Four Seasons group (although you wont find him saying that – I am).

Macklin has been with the group for over 16 years. He is known for his significant achievements throughout his career including the post as General Manager of The Four Seasons in George Street, Sydney for four years.  

As well as renovating and upgrading almost every aspect of the hotel, he also established a laundry in Alexandria to service the Hotel initially. This then became one of the most successful laundries in the country as it now serves 26 hotels.

The sprawling suites at The Nam Hai are undergoing an update for the re-opening in December as Four Seasons Resort, The Nam Hai and is set to be one of the most luxurious resorts in Asia.

He is also a superstar triathlete in his spare time, and father of two. One can only imagine what he is going to do at Four Seasons Resort Nam Hai, but whatever he does, we know it will be good.

“This renovation and re-brand is not about increasing numbers, but about improving the individual guest’s experience of the resort,” he says.

“We are establishing a vegetable and herb garden, and building a new cooking centre where guests can select and pick ingredients from the garden. They then enjoy a cooking lesson using them in a traditional Vietnamese recipe. A new facility is being built exclusively for cooking lessons.  Villas are being updated, there is a new restaurant, new pavillion, improvements to the spa, new kids club and so on. Return guests will see marked improvements.”

Four Seasons Nam Hai
The exceptionally well designed villas at Four Seasons Resort Nam Hai all feature an outdoor shower, one of many features loved by return guests.

The resort is already famed for its Olympic size swimming pool. It is also known for the huge private pools in many of the villas, as well as its 100 beautifully designed, luxuriously decorated, sprawling villas, most of which are 80sqm in size or larger.

Many villas have ocean views. Plus each has a delicate balance of indoor and outdoor space and all  have outdoor showers.

Villas are designed in a horse shoe configuration to maximise ocean views as well as privacy. Every aspect of the resort has acute attention to detail from the thirst quenching but not overly sweet welcome drinks, to flower-filled pre-massage foot baths.

There’s  a huge selection of international wines by the glass, mouth-watering home made chocolate balls served with coffee, and so on.

There is one kilometre of beach out front patrolled by security where guests can relax in peace. (This is the stretch of sand names by Forbes as one of the world’s best).

“The resort often feels like there’s no-one in it as guests spend a lot of time in their rooms, or in the spa relaxing,” Macklin says. And I would agree.

It is clear there is a renewed sense of professionalism and vigour in the air at The Four Seasons Nam Hai Resprt. It’s all everyone in hospitality is talking about here in Asia.

Four Seasons Nam Hai
Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai is a haven for couples, as well as families, and is poised to become one of the most luxurious resorts in the world.

This will definitely be worth checking out in 2019.

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