How I Cleared My Skin Using Only DMK

I used DMK products for the month for clear skin

I used only DMK products for a month to clear up my skin issues.

Having dealt with multiple skin issues since I was a teenager, from eczema to multiple breakouts, I am forever on the lookout for a skincare product that will help keep my skin clear and smooth. This is my journey of only using DMK products for a month, to help me achieve my best skin yet.

DMK is one of the most comprehensive and effective skin treatment programs in the world today, with celebrities like Cate Blanchette and Gwenyth Paltrow using DMK as one of their go-to brands for daily skin care for achieving clear and youthful-looking skin.

Of course, it also helps that the founder of the brand Danné Montague-King (DMK) developed the product range as a treatment for his own skincare needs, which was acne when he was a teenager.

At a young age, French-born Danné suffered from terrible acne. This was the driving force he needed to create his own clinical and skincare brand in his thirties.

Studying biochemistry, Danné learned on the functionality of skin cells, developing an in-depth knowledge of how he can develop a range of products that would help anyone with any skin type and concern, to help treat problematic skin.

Danné is renowned for his knowledge in skincare and is a well respected and established doctor in biochemistry. He is a man who not only cares about a person’s skin but also the story behind it.

“I always say the greatest gift I can ever receive is the thousands of lives that have been changed around the world from using my product range. I receive the most beautiful heartfelt stories and messages, this makes all my hard work worthwhile.” He says.

Picture of Danné Montague-King
“I’m interested in the person behind the skin issue – that’s where the real story is.”

Having been one of the first beauty brands, who revolutionised Enzyme treatments and vitamin C treatments for skin, as early as the sixties, DMK created a range of products to help women achieve beautiful skin using break-through skincare technology, ahead of its time.

“I was always very interested in enzymatic actions from early on and studied them intently. I really looked at the body’s chemistry and what it responds positively to and just wanted to imitate that as closely as possible, imitating what nature intended. ” He says.

I was first introduced to DMK with a trial of the now famously made ‘Game of Thrones Mask’ which is an enzyme mask designed to increase blood and oxygen flow throughout the skin cells.

Once the enzyme mask has been applied to the face and décolletage, my skin began to pulsate from the enzymes. This is the mask working to circulate blood and oxygen flow throughout the skin cells of the face and décolletage area. The enzyme mask is left on for at least an hour.

Once the mask has been removed, the use of rich vitamin-based serums and moisturisers are applied to the skin. These sink deep into the freshly renewed pores to help restore your skin to a natural state of health.

Over the next four weeks after my facial, I was then instructed to use a carefully selected range of DMK as my self-care skincare kit at home for AM and PM.

This included a vitamin to take daily, called the EFA Ultra which boosts collagen in the body and helps you achieve healthy and glowing skin. I was also given a Hrn & Mineral Face Spray to keep skin moisturised throughout the day. A direct delivery Vitamin C Serum, a Pore Reduction Plus Serum, a Deep Pore Facial Cleanser and an Acu-Clear Purifying Lotion.

Sticking to a strict AM and PM routine of using these prescribed DMK products for a month, the results were amazing and I saw significant differences in my skin tone and blemish recovery time within only seven days of using the products.

DMK certainly upheld their reputation as being an outstanding product which works to help resolve skin concerns, such as blemish control (my main issue). Although I did still break out from time to time over the month, they didn’t last long and with the help of the Acu-Clear Purifying Lotion, they cleared quickly.

The beautiful range of DMK clinical skincare products.

Click here to book your next DMK treatment and to learn more about the amazing treatments they have to treat your skincare concern.

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