Hot New Foundations You Must Try Now

Hot new foundations you must try now

These hot new foundations have new anti-ageing formulations to enhance skin and make you feel and look younger.

Shopping foundations is stressful. And finding the right foundation can be even more of a challenge. I always try and change my foundation when the weather changes, and because I travel a lot, that means I am often travelling with two different types of foundations.

Foundation is actually the cheapest and easiest way to refresh your look, and can dramatically after the appearance of your skin.

These two have just been released and are fabulous to try:

MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour

MAC next To Nothing Face Colour: This gorgeous new foundation has been created with instagram in mind, and promises an instagram-ready glow. It is not too heavy, with a barely-there formula that brings out the skin’s natural luminosity.

The nourishing ingredients help nurture the skin. You can wear this alone or under another foundation for heavier coverage. Personally I love it it some concealer underneath.  There is a pressed powder in the range too, Next To Nothing Pressed Powder which again is light weight for long lasting wear. RRP:$44.00

Revlon Youth FX Fill & Blur foundation
Revlon Youth FX Fill & Blur helps conceal any flaws.

Revlon Youth FX: This amazing foundation promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines instantly.It has fill and blur technology to fill in any fine lines and blur to blur the skin’s flaws. Brilliant for correcting the signs of ageing, and has an SPF of 20. Great packaging for travelling too. RRP:$39.95

Insider Foundation Tips from Mac make-up artist Paula:

  1. For long lasting foundation, don’t use heavy moisturiser underneath. A simple face spray will hydrate enough as a base before your primer.
  2. Always use a make-up brush. You can pop the foundation onto your face with your hands if you wish, then settle it with the brush.
  3. Clean your make-up brushes with clarifying shampoo in the shower, they will dry in a day.
  4. Test the colour of foundation on your body – your shoulder if it is exposed is a great spot.
  5. Change your foundation regularly, as skin changes all the time too.

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