Finland has been named the happiest country in the world by the UN

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Finland has again been named the happiest country in the world by the UN.

It is no surprise Finland has been once again ranked as the happiest country in the world. This Nordic nation has set the bar high for what it means to live a satisfying and fulfilling life.

The World Happiness Report, released annually by the United Nations, evaluates 156 countries based on factors such as income, social support, life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, and perceptions of corruption.

Finland, with a population of over 5.5 million people with 19 inhabitants every square metre and a population that is mostly Finnish (92%). The country has consistently topped the charts for over a decade since the report’s inception in 2012.

So what makes Finland such a happy place? For starters, the day to day lifestyle is exceptional for the vast majority of locals with the basics covered by the government.

Finland has again been named one of the happiest countries to visit.

The country boasts a high standard of living, with a robust social welfare system that helps to alleviate economic disparities.

Finnish citizens enjoy free healthcare, education, and childcare, as well as generous parental leave policies. This emphasis on social support creates a sense of security and wellbeing for individuals and families.

Additionally, Finland’s focus on nature and outdoor activities has been found to contribute to the overall happiness of the local population. With access to vast forests, numerous lakes, and countless outdoor recreation opportunities, Finns are able to regularly engage in a range of activities that promote physical and mental health.

This connection to nature also fosters a sense of community and belonging, with many Finns participating in organized outdoor activities and volunteering in environmental conservation efforts.

Finland’s Helsinki Cathedral.

Moreover, Finland’s education system – considered one of the best in the world – places a strong emphasis on creating a positive and inclusive learning environment.

With a focus on equity, inclusion and individual support, Finnish students are encouraged to pursue their passions and achieve their goals.

In a world plagued by social and economic inequalities, Finland’s success in promoting happiness serves as an inspiration to other countries.

By prioritizing social support, nature and outdoor activities, and inclusive education, Finland has created a society where all individuals have the opportunity to thrive and enjoy a high quality of life.

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