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3 of the Best Non-Invasive Skincare Clinics in Sydney

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These three Sydney skin clinics use non-invasive skincare treatments, with outstanding results.

Summer is knocking on the door. So it’s a good time to start getting your skin and body ready for beach days and balmy cocktails. We road tested several Sydney clinics, and these are 3 of the best non-invasive skincare treatments to have.

You by Sia

Who founded it, what is the clinic and what is their speciality?

Founded by Sia, this skin clinic specialises in giving clients the best skin without injectables and pricey, invasive treatments.

Treatments start using the Visia scanner so you can visibly see skin’s issues, and then address them.

Sia says: “We don’t believe in chemical peels, microdermabrasion or ablative laser treatments.

We treat the skin in the deeper layer and treat not only the symptoms but the cause of the skin concerns.

All our treatments deliver long term results and we always take before and after photos with the Visia Computerised Imaging system so we can show the improvements and also monitor the underlying levels of the skin that are not visible to the naked eye.”

What treatment did you have?

Founder of Renae’s World, Renae, had the skin analysis on the Visia analysis machine to work out which products I needed, the Moisture Intensive LED Facial treatment, then used the Clinicals Skincare Regime products for 6 weeks.

What were the results – if any?

My skin was smoother and softer. Wrinkles and fine lines were reduced.

QED Skincare

Founded by Shoshana Eisner, QED has been specifically designed for extra sensitive skin. However, the products also work with variety of skin types to help combat different skin concerns.

Shosh (as she likes to be called) is a pharmacist and mastermind when it comes to formulating skincare. As a pharmacist she dealt with many customers who were frustrated there were no decent products available for sensitive skin. So, in her spare time she would formulate products which were chemical free, for those customers to help them with their skincare concerns.

This inspired her to create her own brand QED to help clients with extra sensitive skin and other problematic skin types to achieve better and healthier skin. The products are entirely natural and formulated to the highest quality using essential and botanical oils.

What treatment did you have?

Writer Rebecca Wilkinson went into QED for a clarity facial to help her deal with oily skin, dry spots and breakouts.

“Sitting on a quiet little corner on a boutique street in Bellevue Hill, the moment you walk into QED you are warmedcby the botanical scents of natural plants and erotic scents of floral essential oils.

Before starting your treatment, you are asked what your skin concerns are and then shown the products and available scents which be added into your product. To maintain the quality of the product, no oils are added into the creams of cleansers, to ensure they stay fresher for longer.

I tend to lean towards very earthy and woody scents. However, I gravitated towards a very central scent, which was a combination of cinnamon and floral. It smelt amazing. To help with my oily skin and blemishes, Peppermint was a must for my treatment.

What were the results – if any?

My skin felt amazing afterwards and the sensation of peppermint oil from the cleanser and cream left a tingling fresh sensation on the skin, which made my skin feel alive and revitalised.”

North Shore Aesthetics

Located in Gordon, around thirty minutes drive north of Sydney CBD, North Shore Aesthetics use revolutionary technologies which are both non-evasive and affective in treating ageing concerns on the body and the face.

Including the new Teslaformer body shaper which sends magnetic waves through the body emanating fifty thousand compressions in thirty minutes to shape muscle and burn fat, and their Ultraformer III which is a natural facelift treatment using ultrasound technology which lifts and tightens skin naturally.

Who founded it, what is the clinic and what is their speciality?

North Shore Aesthetics was founded by friends Janeen Brown & Anne Grobler. They offer a Natural & Holistic approach that offers an alternative to surgery & injectables.

Janeen explains; “We did many months of research, looking for technology that is non-invasive, non-surgical with zero downtime.

“We wanted something where you would see immediate results with ongoing improvements, and  we identified the devices we needed and the ball started rolling.

We had intensive training for 8 months and then opened our doors on the 2nd of March very excited for our journey.”

What treatment did you have?

Renae trialled the Ultraformer III which promises to tighten and lift skin.

“This is the single best skin treatment in your 40s to instantly tighten, smooth and brighten skin super fast.

It took around 90 minutes, and yes it was a touch painful, but only momentarily and I would do it again in a heart beat, as it was absolutely worth it.”

What were the results – if any?

“I love this treatment as the results are so good.

My skin was tighter instantly, and the results have continued on so that my skin looks visibly lifted with less wrinkles.”

What treatments did you have?

Writer Rebecca tried fat freezing for the first time as well as the Telsaformer body shaper.

“Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d seen plenty of images and videos online, posted across social media, where influencers and beauty enthusiasts would go in and have treatment done, but that doesn’t compare to actually having the treatment.

The best way to describe it, is an intense vacuum sucking sensation pulling at the skin, as the device is attached to your ‘fat areas’ and it grabs at the skin to settle in for intense freezing. I was incredibly nauseated at the whole experience and thought I might throw up. I didn’t though.

Once my skin and body settled into the sensation, the nausea went away (the jelly beans given to me helped a lot also) and I was able to sit back and relax. In-fact after the sensation was gone, I eventually fell asleep and found myself sleeping through the whole treatment, which was around an hour.

There were no unpleasant sensations when the machine was being taken off my body.

The treatment was then followed by the Teslaformer which uses magnetic waves to perform fifty thousand compressions in thirty minutes on the body, without you even moving.

The sensation of the magnetic waves isn’t unpleasant, though it does feel incredibly unusual and your body will contract in and out from time to time as the waves perform their magic.

Expect to be sore all over the next day though. I mean fifty thousand compressions – WOW.

What were the results – if any?

“I have seen minor improvements already in the body, with more tone and a slight reduction of fat around my concerning areas. However, I am also told it could take around three months (maybe more) before I see any final results. So I suppose time will tell.”

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Rebecca dreams of sipping lattes and enjoying local wines in little boutique French cafes, off the beaten track, surrounded by villas and wineries, whilst she works on her fiction novel. She loves writing about travel and lifestyle, and dabbles frequently with new beauty treatments and products. She hopes to successfully run her own publication one day, but for now, she enjoys sharing her thoughts here on Renae's World about beauty and travel.

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