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This New 60 Second Rule Is Key To Perfect Skin

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There are no set rules to how long you should cleanse , but this 60 second rule has been changing people’s beauty routines across the world.

There haven’t been any verified studies or evidence to suggest that one amount of time is more effective than another. So where is this 60 second rule derived from?

The cleansing method comes from Nayamka Roberts-Smith of LABeautyologist, a beauty therapist who frequently tells her 43,000 Twitter followers to wash their face for sixty seconds straight to let the cleanser ingredients really penetrate the skin.

“The 60 Second Rule is an original skincare tip I developed to help clients get the most out of their expensive cleansers,” Nai explained in the caption accompanying her YouTube tutorial.

In today’s world where people are constantly in a rush on to the next thing, it’s plausible to suggest that most people would only spend 15-20 seconds cleansing .

The 60 Second Rule is fairly self-explanatory, no extra products or gadgets are required, just massage the cleanser into your skin for a full sixty seconds. This way, the skin softens and the product has time to dissolve oil, grime and sebum blockages better.

Incorporating this into your routine will supposedly reduce the size of pores whilst improving texture and overall evenness as well. 

So what’s not to like? Only one minute of the day to see drastic improvements in our skin?

I decided to put this theory to the test over two weeks. I also chose to use a different cleanser each week to see if there were any differences amongst products.

White bottle of foamy cleanser to use for the 60 second rule

The first product I used was Oxygen-C Brightening Foaming Cleanser RRP $19.95, which has a sweet fruity smell to it. Infused with natural Vitamin C (from Australian-sourced Kakadu plum), this oil-free foaming cleanser is formulated to give clean and clear skin.

The rich foam effectively removes dirt, excess oil and detoxifies impurities to thoroughly cleanse skin. In combining this product with the sixty second rule, the dirt in my pores did not stand a chance.

At first, the process was a bit strange. Sixty seconds felt like an eternity in front of the mirror but it also forced me to get in touch with my skin by feeling each and every crevice of my face.

I realised how many areas of my face had been a bit neglected in my cleansing over the years.

It’s incredibly important to be gentle during the process – it’s a lot of face contact and you don’t want to be rough on your skin.

For the first fifteen seconds I didn’t notice anything different to my normal routine. It was around the thirty second mark that I started to feel little balls of dirt and grime pilling up between my fingers and on my face.

After massaging for a minute, you rinse away all the dirt with lukewarm water and continue with your normal skincare routine.

White bottle of cleanser used for the 60 second rule

The second product I trialled was the ESK Calming Cleanse RRP $49. It is a coconut based product with soothing botanicals including Aloe Vera, Lavender, Rose, Soy extract and Orchid.

I found this to be a gentle creamy soap free cleanser that was able to go the distance in removing my makeup without leaving my skin dry.

For some context on the state of my skin, I deal with relatively blemish free skin but I have very visible pores on my nose that I wish were less noticeable. I’m quite prone to blackheads in this area.

The changes in my complexion were very subtle but definitely noticeable to me. My pores were a bit smaller, my skin felt slightly softer and strangely it also felt firmer.

For something that costs nothing and only takes an extra few seconds in the day, I would definitely recommend this trick to those looking to improve skin complexion.

But keep in mind, it’s not going to completely alter the state of your skin.

Cylinder blue bottle of face spray for 60 second rule alternative

And for those constantly in a rush who don’t even have sixty seconds to spare for skincare, I recommend the Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence RRP $69.

This natural astringent helps to remove impurities, clear the pores and refresh the skin in just seconds. The product looks like water and has a super easy application – all you need to do is close your eyes and spray the product on your face.

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