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Cut your sugar now, here’s how:

Cut your sugar, change your life, here’s how:


This week I worked on a Facebook Live Event shot straight out of Facebook Headquarters. What is it I hear you ask? Well, it is a bit like a casual TV show beamed out onto Facebook for the world to see, and it is on there permanently, so anyone on Facebook can watch it any time on the sugar bunspecified

The subject is sugar, one of the biggest danger to the Western world, and a subject I am passionate about. Cutting out sugar helps you lose weight, can reduce the sigs of thing, helps you live longer and gives you much, much more energy.

I interviewed Commande Steve, Peter Fitzsimons, Damon Gamou and a host of others to hear how they cut sugar out of their life and how it changed them or the better.

This is a link to the show:



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