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2 of The Best DIY Natural Anti-Ageing Methods

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Believe it or not, the best DIY Natural Anti-Ageing Methods are Simply Water and Ice. Read on.

There are multiple benefits of iced cold water and ice, the easiest, simplest and most affordable options for on the go anti-aging and refreshing.

Cold water and ice have been used as natural anti-ageing methods for centuries to stimulate blood circulation in the face, tighten skin, shrink pores and reduce puffiness.

Using ice on skin, or ‘skin icing’ has many benefits. It can improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin, and is suitable for all skin types.  

Skin icing is a form of cryotherapy or ‘cold therapy’, which is the use of low temperatures on the skin. Made famous by Wim Hof, the world’s biggest advocate of ice cold showers and baths, (read more here).

Cryotherapy has additional health benefits including reducing migraines and arthritic pain, and can also treat skin conditions. Here’s how to DIY cryotherapy at home with an ice facial or a cold shower.

How does iced cold water and ice work for anti-ageing? 

Cold water works as an anti-ageing method by stimulating the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve runs from the brain, through the face and thorax, to the abdomen. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, the body receives a message that it is time to destress, which then reduces inflammation as well as having a calming effect.

By ending your shower with a cold rinse, or by using DIY ice facials, anti-ageing effects are instigated almost instantly. 

1. Ice facials 

Kenzina sells a DIY Facial Therapy Ice Tool for $45, anti-ageing methods.

When getting started with skin icing, ice therapy tools can help. Kenzina sells a DIY Facial Therapy Ice Tool for $45, simply fill the tool with water, freeze it, then rub the ice on any area for instant improved blood circulation, reduced puffiness, tighter pores and reduced inflammation. 

Ice therapy tools can be used to depuff under eye bags, ease acne, contour the jawline and cheekbones, and decrease pore size.

Beauty Bay Stainless steel ice roller. 2 of 2 products for anti-ageing methods.

Another ice therapy tool can be found on Beauty Bay for $22. A Stainless Steel Ice Roller to place in the fridge or freezer, then roll onto skin to soothe irritation, relieve muscle tension, and cool down the complexion. 

An alternative to ice therapy tools are simply ice cubes. For a DIY ice facial just rub an ice cube over the face for a few minutes for a soothing effect, perfect on a hot summer’s day.

2. Cold Showers

Don’t like the sound of ice therapy facials? Try this instead. 

By simply switching the shower to cold water for a short period of time before stepping out, the circulation and lymph flow will be boosted, skin and hair will appear healthier due to the closure of pores, and energy will quickly increase as it stimulates a rush of blood through the body. 

Even though cold showers aren’t comfortable, it becomes easier with increased amounts of time under cold water with every shower. Start with 10 seconds and work up to a full cold shower if possible. The benefits are seen and felt quickly.

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