The Luminaire: The New Luxury Travel Company Out Of The UK

The Luminaire is the new luxury travel company founded in the UK and promising to re-invent global post-pandemic travel.

Co-founded by Adam Sebba, the CEO of The Luminaire, this travel company says it will offer insider experiences like no other with insights and travel experiences not just from locals but from qualified and in some cases celebrity locals so that travellers glean unique, once in a lifetime insights and educations.

The new company has been born to meet the needs of a new type of educated, wealthy post-pandemic traveller who they say want more out of their travel than a beach, a bikini and designer hotel rooms. It is for the “deeply curious” traveller looking for more from every journey they take.

gritti palace venice - seats overlooking canal
the new luxury travel company founded in the UK and promising to re-invent global post-pandemic travel.

The company will combine luxury and education with bucket list destinations and bespoke experiences.

“Our mission is to make intellectual travel cool, and we don’t see anyone else doing that,” Sebba says.

The first tours are European, and lauded and very respected names like Venetian architect and historian Francesco da Mosto, photojournalist Sir Don McCullin CBE and explorer explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes are the first high level “tour guides” the well heeled can sign up for.

Luminaire is the new luxury travel company – Venice.

Age is no boundary at either end of the scale, as artists, explorers, naturalists, historians and archaeologists, amongst many others with intimate experience of particular locations, history and industries will take keen tourists on unique adventures.

The company was reportedly founded after the Beaumont Group (behind The Luminaire) surveyed luxury tourists to find they wanted to stay at hotels with experiences on site they could pass on to their children and share with their friends.

Explore Antartica with the Luminaire
Antarctica. with Luminaire

“The pandemic has reinforced travel as the greatest luxury – one misses things and only realises their importance when they are taken away,” he continues. “It has reinforced many people’s desire to self improve; that is a natural reaction to the self-reflection and isolation many have experienced in the last two years,” co-founder and CMO, Nicholas Priest, says.

Photography classes, archeological explorations, sustainability experts and trainers are all part of the Luminaire travel experience.

1% of sales are promised to be put towards protecting the assets the travel company visits.

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