The New Laser Treatment Makes You Look Younger in Minutes

the new laser treatment to make you look younger

Looking five years younger in minutes sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. I did it with this new laser treatment.

This new laser facial treatment makes you look instantly younger in 20 minutes and doesn’t hurt. In fact it feels relaxing as it is warm on the skin.

SkinTight With Laser is a deep heat laser treatment that leaves your skin looking tighter, and lifted. I saw it with my own eyes.

I am not into having work done, I don’t mind the odd smile line, and I’m not afraid to face the world as I am, well at least at this stage of my life. I like this treatment as it was so subtle, not permanent, but made me look fresh.

This treatment is fast becoming a favourite amongst the celebrity set in Hollywood as it is low intensity and stimulates collagen production and leaves skin instantly improved.

The laser treatment is non-invasive & takes just 20-25 minutes and skin is instantly plumped, lifted and flushed with collagen. The effect lasts up to 2 months. 

“The laser rejuvination treatment was brilliant for my skin and face shape” says Renae.

In Sydney, women under 35 are flocking to have the specialist treatment as results are so good, there’s no pain & there’s no down time. You have the treatment, and go right back into your normal life.

“Brides & guests going to weddings are having the treatment the same day and going home to put make-up on, get dressed & go to the event,” says Clinician Ann-Marie Kennedy. 

“There’s nothing quite like it as there’s no pain, the skin is merely warmed up as the laser moves over the face, with a slight tingling sensation for most people.”

“We do each side of the face separately, and it’s possible half way through to see the transformation in the side of the skin that has been done compared to the side that hasn’t had the treatment. The results are clear as we do half the face then show clients the difference, and they’re impressed.”

This is the future of non-invasive skin rejuvenation. It is quick, without pain and with minimal inconvenience. But be warned – it is addictive.

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