Hotel Review: The Spectacular Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

In-depth review of The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong.

Everything about this flagship property, The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong is spectacular.

It’s usually wine that gets better with age, but The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong is in the same category, and is recognised by many as the masterpiece of luxury Asian Hotels. It opened in 1928, and is affectionately called ‘The Pen” by well-heeled guests. The views across the harbour from the hotel are stunning.

There are very few articles written about the history or colour of Hong Kong that don’t make mention of this extra-ordinary hotel, it is so firmly written into the fabric of this bustling Asian metropolis.

Everyone who has stayed in this hotel has a story to tell, and often it is about the service. One of my girlfriends stayed there with her young baby and left the baby bag in the airport toilet in another country. The Staff had it in her room within 24 hours.

The elegant lobby at The Peninsula Hong Kong

These guys are serious about service and about taking care of people.

The Hotel is the oldest in Hong Kong, but many feel it is still by far and away the best. It seemlessly combines the style and elegance of the city’s past with the high speed modernity of its present. It is located squarely in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui, and presiding over the tip of mainland China. It is a very hectic neighbourhood, but one offering shopping, restaurants and the buzz of Hong Kong right on your doorstep. It is convenient for the MTR and a ride on the star ferry, ( a must do).

The Living Room in The Marco Polo Suite at The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong is the flagship of the Peninsula group, and with jaw dropping views of Hong Kong Harbour, a state of the art helicopter launching pad and The China Clipper (a floor dedicated to the helicopter rides), striking swimming pool, eight restaurants, two bars, three floors of shopping and fleet of Rolls-Royces to ferry guests to and from the hotel, it has earnt the title.

Renae Leith-Manos in the Lobby in The Peninsula Hong Kong attracts crowds every afternoon for High Tea.

The hotel turns 90 next year. And that’s just for starters.

Like all luxury products, the beauty and joy of a stay here is in the attention to detail and the little things. And the care the staff take not only with adults, but especially with children.

My 9 year old twins were bowled over when at the aeroplane door when arriving in Hong Kong we were greeted by Peninsula staff who promptly popped us on an airport buggy and drove us straight to customs, and on to baggage where we didn’t lift a finger. We were through in minutes. I was fretting about my fitness after no walk following a long flight, but one learns to let go of these things rather fast.

The hotel’s uber stylish Rolls Royce (in signature Peninsula green) drove us to the hotel, and we already felt super special.

At the hotel, page boys dressed in white greeted us at the door, and check-in was in our room, quick and easy, and as soon as we headed to the pool,  staff greeted us to erect or carry pool chairs personally set up for us at just the right angle.

The imposing and majestic facade of The Peninsula Hong Kong.

Cocktail by the pool with no sugar? That was no problem. I had a choice of 10. In a previous five star hotel, they couldn’t make me one. (Yes, I am fussy). But if you are particular, this is the place to get exactly what you want. Staff here are loyal – two of the hotel’s 7 restaurants are named after former General Managers.

Rooms have touch screen tablets that control everything from the temperature to the curtains and lighting. Rooms feel spacious, bright and uncluttered.

Stairs leading to Felix, the fabulous upscale bar at The Peninsula Hong Kong.

The twins discovered the movie channel had more on offer for them than  NETFLIX, and when a hand made artisanal chocolate  bunny and chicken arrived for each of them for easter, they were completely sold.

When I discovered the VIP chef’s table for four in the expansive kitchen, I was sold. Complete with a red rose, and silverware, the chef cooks the freshest ingredients of your choice to order sitting in the middle of a working kitchen,  until the whole table is full.

The Peninsula Rolls Royce collects guests to and from the airport. Seen here with Renae Leith-Manos and the twins.

That’s what I call romance, and where I will be dining on my next visit.

Felix bar on the 18th floor is one of Hong Kong’s best and has two bars and well as jaw dropping views across the harbour, and serves exceptional cocktails.

It is a relief to stay at a luxury hotel where you truly do not have to leave if you don’t want to. There are 300 rooms at the property, but it maintains the intimacy and care of a boutique hotel.

There are several different rom types at The Peninsula Hong Kong, but all are beautiful and many have harbour views.
There are several different rom types at The Peninsula Hong Kong, but all are beautiful and many have harbour views.

Hong Kong is fantastic, but boy, it is busy. Within The Peninsula, there are so many places to explore, an amazing range of luxury shops that kept me entertained for hours, and restaurants with everything from Swiss Cuisine to Sushi and award winning Cantonese.

Yet another venue I really didn’t want to leave. It was my second visit so far this year, I will be cheekily trying to squeeze in a third! To book, click here.

The indoor swimming pool at The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.

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The roof top helicopter offering tours for guests is exceptional.

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