The Two Anti-Ageing Facial Treatments I Swear By For The Party Season

These are the two anti-ageing facial treatments I turn to  every year at North Shore Aesthetics in preparation for the party season.

Smartlux LED Light Therapy; Put simply, this is the easiest and best way to give my skin a plum up and natural glow by using a series of treatments which involve me sitting under a light for 20 minutes with no makeup on. It also is extremely calming and reduces anxiety – a fact many people don’t know about. 

Smartlux LED Light Therapy is the key to anti-ageing works for all skin types and issues including acne, rosacea, even wounds. But for regular skin it is also a god send as it is a bit like an instant overhaul.

LED light therapy is noninvasive, so no recovery time is required – another bonus. The only thing to be aware of both before and after your LED Light Therapy treatment is not to expose skin to the sun at all.

Renae regularly goes to north shore aesthetics for anti-ageing treatments ultraformer III and SmartluxLED light therapy.

If I could afford a Smartlux LED Light Therapy machine in my home I would – it is that good. For me it is one of the holy grails of anti-ageing.

I’m an avid fan of the Huberman Lab podcast- It’s one of the leading health podcasts right now. Andrew D Huberman is an American neuroscientist and a big focus of his work is on light, and types of light and the effect it can have on our minds, our sleep and our moods.

Red light is continually referenced by him as being a fantastic for our inner bodies, due do its calming effects and positive influence on our circadian rhythms which means we sleep and feel better.

Renae schedules her anti-ageing facial treatments before the party season so she has clear skin right throughout December, January and beyond.

This was great news for me as I regularly have red light therapy, which has an incredible effect on my skin, making it glow, look plumper and fresher after just one treatment (although I do like a series of at least 6).

Being an avid traveller, Renae has regular anti-ageing facial treatments at North Shore Aesthetics to maintain her skin.

Ultraformer III: This is an anti-aging facial treatment I return to time and again as it is so easy, non-invasive, works instantly and keeps working for 6 months.

A always receive comments on my skin from other women after I have had Ultrafomer II.

I have been having ultra former for three years, and I prefer to have the treatment right before the party season as it works instantly – and keeps working. So having it at this time means I will have lifted, tighter skin from now right through December, January, February and up to May if I am lucky.

I prefer to stay home the day of any anti-ageing facial treatment, but that’s just me, as I don’t feel like putting on makeup afterwards.

My step by step story about the treatment is here, but it’s a no brainer for anyone who wants to give your skin an instant lift.

This is a paid feature, but all claims within it are genuine and true.

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