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Ultraformer III Is The Anti-Aging Facial Treatment I Have Every Year That Really Works

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There is one anti-aging treatment I swear by, and it is Ultraformer III. There is no down time, it tightens, pulls up and smooths skin and it works for at least 6 months.

My work life involves a lot of travel, but I always have my specialist facial treatments in Australia for two reasons – quality and reliability as well as price. Australia actually has pretty reasonable prices for most facial treatments, compared to many locations around the world, and the Ultra Former III is no exception. More on prices later.

Renae having Ultraformer III at North Shore Aesethics

Two years ago I had my first Ultra Former III Treatment with Anne from North Shore Aesthetics in Sydney. I was sceptical as having road tested a lot of treatments, I had not seen amazing results, and had never had anything that worked instantly. The first time, Anne had to talk me into it.

As a lifestyle writer, I am fortunate enough to be offered to try so many things – whether it is anti-aging facials, injectables, face lifts and more, and I should say I have not been paid to write this endorsement – this is what I really think and have experienced.

I am someone who doesn’t want to look younger, but does want to be the best version of myself. I also don’t like painful treatments – I really don’t want to experience pain when I am trying to improve myself or give back to myself.

The Ultra Former III is an ultrasound developed in Korea and is seen here running over the face.

The results  from The Ultraformer III treatment are instant, there is no down time and the best part is your face keeps improving as time goes on.  Pain? Very little.

Ultra Former not only lifts but it tightens as well. Results last up to a year, but the ideal is to have a top up treatment after 3 months.

One of the more subtle signs of ageing is sagging skin – and this is slow and not overly noticeable at first, until you have ultra former and see how much it lifts your skin, and you realise how much your skin was dragging. This treatment brings optimum results if you are over 40.

paper showing ultraformer III
The face is mapped out and the ultraformer is carefully placed on every section several times over.

The Treatment:

The actual Ultra Former III treatment takes about 90 minutes including a post treatment mask. An ultrasound “gun” is placed over the face in sections and zaps your skin whilst it is connected to a machine. I always listen to a meditation whilst having the treatment. I use the time to calm myself and do some deep breathing to ensure I don’t get anxious, and I have never had an issue.

This is where the right practitioner is important – you want someone who makes you feel calm. Someone you trust.

There is a slight tingling sensation during the treatment, but nothing major. Straight after the treatment you can apply makeup and go about your day. There is no pain or tiredness or anything.

I would recommend taking photos beforehand. My before and after photos showed instant lifting – even I was surprised. But the best part is 2 months later my skin is even more lifted and firm and looks simply fresh, tight and amazing. Super natural. People have commented and continue to comment that my skin looks really good. My friends and family are saying I look younger.

Once you see how well this treatment works, like me, you will want it every year, and ideally to have the top up after 3 months. Some clinics offer the top-up as part of the initial treatment price – always check.

Ultraformer III is the easiest and least invasive way to tighten facial skin – Renae has no makeup here.

Post Treatment: 

Nothing to report here other than firmer skin, and better instagram photos! A lot of people write to me and comment on my skin and that I look young for my age, especially with all of the travel I do to different time zones, weather conditions and countries. I really believe Ultra Former III is the main reason – it is just a brilliant treatment for the skin. 

Renae two months after the Ultraformer III treatment.

What does it actually do?

Ultraformer III is a Korean invention, and is a high intensity focussed ultrasound treatment that heats the tissues of the skin including fat, muscle as well as skin. It can be used on any part of the body to tighten skin, fat and muscle.


The Treatment throughout winter 2022 is $2000, with the $800 touch up at three months thrown in. North shore aesthetics also offers a prep facials with LED lights value at $200. (In Jakarta the going rate for the same treatment is from ($3500-$4500) without the touch up!

Back on prices – many countries around the world have taxes on equipment as well as laws around facial treatments that significantly increase prices for consumers. For example in some countries only doctors are allowed to administer botox, or there are 30% taxes on machines like Ultraformer III which bump up treatment prices significantly.

Click here for more and say Renae sent you for the above VIP special.

brunette woman in black top
The Ultraformer III Treatment is something Renae has every year.
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