Beauty: Fix a bad hair day instantly

We all have bad hair days, but Toni & Guy has come up with the ultimate solution to stop it instantly.

I’m not great with my own hair I am especially bad at trying to save a bad hair day.

I also terrible at braiding my own hair or up styles or anything else particularly intricate, but thanks to a new concept from Toni & Guy, I don’t need to be.

Toni & Guy have a new dry styling concept that saves a bad hair day and has you walking out with super glamorous, catwalk styled hair in minutes.

They’ve come up with a 30 minute dry styling concept to make your hair look as amazing as possible.

They have a book of 24 amazing professional styles which include multiple styles of braids, up styles, and blow dries if you do want to wash your hair. And all are from the latest catwalks around the world.

There’s boho-braids, distressed up-styles, finger waves and everything in between. You can create your own look with the help of a stylist or go for one straight out of their specially designed booklet

So in just 30-40 minutes you walk out with fashion forward hair.

Dry styling is predicted to be the next big thing in hair globally, as we become more and more time poor, and want a quick professional fix to look our best. This works on all hair lengths and costs between $55-$100. Brilliant.

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