Brad Pitt and Emmanuel Macron Have Something in Common

Brad Pitt & Emmanuel Macron are two men playing the media game and winning.

Brad Pitt’s publicist deserves a big bonus. In one interview with GQ Style, Brad is more attractive to women than ever. He is back on top of every single woman’s dream list, and his movies will again go through the roof, simply by taking responsibility for the end of his marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, the interview sounds honest and very genuine. It’s the timing and delivery that is so on point.

Women love ‘fixing’ guys, and Brad has laid his emotional baggage bare, going so far as to say he can’t remember a day since leaving College where he hasn’t had alcohol or cannabis – although he says he gave up drugs when he had a family, (but not booze). Wow. And the man is 53 years old.

Brad and Angelina in Mr & Mrs Smith.

He says he’s  in therapy and loving it, and working with his hands. He says he has given up the booze.

Men generally are not great at stepping up and saying they were wrong. In his interview with GQ Style magazine, Brad has not only admitted he was wrong but that he is emotionally retarded and drank too much.

He calls the end of his marriage to one of the most beautiful women on the planet “like a death”.

How can anyone not feel empathy for the man? We have all messed up, we have all made mistakes, but not many of us can actually go in print in the media and put those mistakes on paper for all the world to see.

His star power will rise even more, as women – and men relate to his tale of personal challenge and a flawed life not withstanding his money, power and fame.

Meantime we will know the results of the French Presidential Election Monday morning Sydney time, but the leading candidate, former Investment Banker  Emmanuel Macron has handled his own love story with style and grace, ensuring he told the story from the get-go, not the media.

French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron and his wife, school teacher Brigitte.

His wife is 24 years older than him, and was his school teacher. Some 24 years later they’re together, married, happy. He’s 39, Brigitte is  64. When they met, she was married with three children. Now just imagine how THAT would have been dealt with in the Australian or US Press. Ironically the age difference is the same as that of Donald and Melania Trump, only the other way around.

One photograph I did see on social media includes an image of a young blonde woman on the beach holding the hand of a toddler in a nappy, with the caption “April 1980: the Macrons’ first holiday in St Tropez.”

French Economy minister Emmanuel Macron (R) and his wife Brigitte Trogneux arrive to attend the annual Bastille Day military parade in Paris on July 14, 2015. AFP PHOTO / POOL / PASCAL ROSSIGNOL
REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol /POOL ( PASCAL ROSSIGNOL/AFP/Getty Images)

As someone who was married to a man 26 years my senior for a decade, I can relate.

The point is, at this moment in time, both Macron and Pitt are men who are not afraid to be who they are. They are putting their feelings and flaws on the table for all to see. They are walking forward with absolute transparency and saying – if you don’t like it, I don’t care. This is who I am.

Its’ refreshing, it’s new and it’s very, very attractive, well at least to women. I guess we will see just how attractive it is to French women with the election result tomorrow.

But let’s hope men generally follow the trend and start feeling more comfortable being real, and honest. It is so sexy. 

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