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Le Bristol Paris Hotel Review

Le Bristol Paris Hotel Review A solo weekend at Le Bristol, Paris re-defined elegance for me. The magic of Paris to me is walking or cycling the streets, never knowing what or who I will find around the next…

Luxe Parisian Restaurant with chandaliers and old world style huge windows and floors
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3 Easy To Make Recipes From The World’s Best Chefs

Missing Michelin star meals? With these recipes from three of the world’s best chefs you can cook a designer dinner at home. With the lockdown restrictions placed upon restaurant services, it is the perfect opportunity to bring some mouth-watering…

two black chairs on a balcony with a view of Rome in the background.

70 Fabulous Things to do in Isolation (for Melbourne)

The Melbourne Isolation is tough for everyone, but even tougher for the frequent traveller who is accustomed to being on and off planes most weeks. These are some simple tips and tricks to avoid boredom and stay entertained in…