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where to eat vegan in rome
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Where to Eat Vegan in Rome

Experience a little la dolce vita in Rome at one of these fabulous vegan eateries. If you’re passionate about the power of food and creating experiences of love and joy when eating delicious eats whilst travelling, you can’t go…

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Luxury Jakarta; hotels and restaurants

When it comes to luxury travel, most people don’t know it exists in Jakarta. But in terms of hotels, bars and restaurants, there are plenty of upscale options. There are restaurants, hotels and bars in Jakarta that are as…

8 Ways to Be a More Sustainable Traveller

8 Ways to Be a More Sustainable Traveller

Protect wildlife, support local communities and reduce your impact on the planet by being a sustainable traveller. The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development is raising awareness about how responsible tourists should be when they travel. Here are…


Explore Poland with the Wim Hof Method

Tap into the power of breathing and exposure to the cold with an exclusive retreat in Poland with the IceMan himself; Wim Hof. But how does his method really work? A 60-year bearded man from the Netherlands ascends Mount…


Choosing the Right Red & Pink Lip Colour For You

From dark red tones to cherry reds, and pinks, this is how to wear rosy lips for Valentines. For Dark Red Lips, best suited for olive skin tones or fair skin for a string look: Bobbi Brown ‘Red Stiletto’…