The Ultimate Dorchester Collection Quiz

Discover Your Inner Elite Traveler—Dive into the Opulence of Dorchester Hotels, Including the New Lana Hotel in Dubai

The Dorchester Hotel Collection is one of the world’s most prestigious, and there are fans all over the world who insist on exclusively at staying at these incredibly elite properties when they travel.

How many Dorchesters have you stayed at? Test your knowledge with this ultimate dorchester quiz, of 25 questions, and see how much you really know about one of the most opulent and luxurious hotel collections in the world.

The bar at Principe De Savoia, Milan, where Ezio Indinai is General Manager.

The Dorchester Collection Quiz:

Here are the responses for the Dorchester Collection quiz, focusing on the luxurious experiences and amenities these extraordinary hotels offer, including the new Lana Hotel in Dubai:

  1. What unique architectural feature sets the Lana Hotel in Dubai apart from other luxury hotels?
  2. Which famous designer curated the interiors of The Dorchester in London?
  3. What is the signature treatment at the newly opened Dior Spa in Hotel Plaza Athénée that draws inspiration from Christian Dior’s favourite flower?
  4. What is the name of the fresh faced new chef at The Grill at the Dorchester’s new restaurant?
  5. Describe the iconic afternoon tea tradition at The Dorchester. What makes it special?
  6. What unique feature distinguishes Hotel Principe di Savoia’s Presidential Suite, making it one of the most luxurious accommodations in Milan?
The revitalised Dior Spa at Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris is a destination that promises elegance, innovation, and well-being.
  1. What unique sport can you watch and participate in at Coworth Park that sets it apart from other luxury hotels in the London area?
  2. What exclusive service does Hotel Eden in Rome, part of the Dorchester Collection, offer its guests?
  3. Name the signature restaurant and chef at 45 Park Lane and the type of cuisine it specialises in?
  4. How does the Beverly Hills Hotel, known as ‘The Pink Palace’, cater specifically to its celebrity and high-profile guests?
  5. Name one of three exclusive treatmentsavailable at the Dior Spa The Lana, Dubai?
  6. Can you name a film that featured the Hotel Bel-Air, another jewel in the Dorchester Collection?
  7. What is the signature spa treatment available at Le Meurice in Paris?
  1. Coworth Park is renowned for its commitment to sustainability. Name one innovative environmental initiative implemented at the hotel.
  2. Which Dorchester hotel offers a panoramic view of the historic sites of its city?
  3. Name the unique feature of the piano in the recently refurbished lobby The Dorchester in London.
  4. What lavish pet amenity is offered by the Beverly Hills Hotel?
  5. How does the Lana Hotel in Dubai incorporate sustainability into its luxury offerings?
  6. What is the iconic bar at The Dorchester famous for?
  7. How does the Dior Spa at Hotel Plaza Athénée integrate the fashion heritage of Dior into its spa experience?
  8. What historic event is associated with The Dorchester in London during WWII?
  9. What kind of exclusive experience can guests have at the Lana Hotel’s rooftop venue?
  10. Which Dorchester Collection hotel is set in a historical palace and overlooks iconic gardens?
  11. Who is the famous pastry chef at Le Meurice, Paris?
  12. What iconic piece of decor is featured in the lobby of Hotel Principe di Savoia that reflects the hotel’s rich history and luxurious elegance?
Ideal for afternoon tea, Le Galerie at Hotel Plaza Athénée Paris
  1. Unique architectural feature of Lana Hotel in Dubai: The hotel features a dramatic skyline silhouette with a glass facade that offers panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf.
  2. Designer of The Dorchester, London: The interiors have been famously reimagined by Pierre-Yves Rochon.
  3. Signature treatment inspired by Christian Dior’s favorite flower: The “Rose de Granville” treatment, which focuses on the rejuvenating properties of the rose, a flower cherished by Christian Dior.
  4. Tom Booton is the chef at The Grill at The Dorchester, London:He is the youngest ever head chef of The Grill at The Dorchester.
  5. Specialty of The Dorchester’s afternoon tea: Known for its bespoke blends of tea, scones, exquisite pastries, and a live pianist.
  6. At Hotel Principe De Savoia, the presidential suite includes a private swimming pool and Turkish bath, providing guests with exclusive relaxation and wellness facilities within the suite.
  7. Which sport can you only see at Coworth Park: Polo. Coworth Park is the only UK hotel with its own polo fields and offers guests the chance to watch or participate in polo matches.
  8. Exclusive service at Hotel Eden, Rome: “A Taste of Rome” private culinary tours guided by a local chef.
  9. Signature restaurant at 45 Park Lane and its cuisine: CUT at 45 Park Lane, which is a sophisticated steakhouse offering premium American Wagyu and prime dry and wet aged beef cuts, created by renowned American chef Wolfgang Puck.
The Dorchester’s Lana in Dubai.
  1. Catering to high-profile guests at The Beverly Hills Hotel: Private entrances and paparazzi-proof dining areas.
  2. The three exclusive treatments available at the new Dior Spa The Lana: Escale, Dior Stone Therapy, and D-Sculpt.
  3. Film featuring Hotel Bel-Air: “Funny Girl” (1968) with Barbra Streisand.
  4. Signature spa treatment at Le Meurice, Paris: The “Cleopatra’s Ritual” using gold-infused skincare products.
  5. Sustainability at Coworth Park: Coworth Park has an underground energy technology that uses carbon-neutral biofuel, derived entirely from renewable sources, to provide a significant portion of the hotel’s energy.
  6. Hotel with panoramic views: Hotel Plaza Athénée offers views of the Eiffel Tower and the Avenue Montaigne.
  7. Unique Feature of the piano in the lobby at The Dorchester, London: It is glass.
45 Park Lane, London
  1. Lavish pet amenity at the Beverly Hills Hotel: Custom pet menus and monogrammed dog beds.
  2. Sustainability at Lana Hotel, Dubai: Features like solar panels and eco-friendly water recycling systems.
  3. Famous features of the new bar at The Dorchester: The new Vesper Bar at The Dorchester, known for its unique bespoke cocktails which pay homage to the hotel’s history, and celebrity sightings.
  4. Integration of Dior’s fashion heritage into the spa experience: The spa decor reflects Dior’s elegance and includes design elements reminiscent of Dior’s iconic fashion collections, providing a luxurious and stylish atmosphere that celebrates the designer’s legacy.
  5. Historic event at The Dorchester, London during WWII: Served as a base for American officers and hosted significant planning meetings.
  6. Exclusive experience at Lana Hotel’s rooftop: Private jazz evenings and skyline cocktail parties.
  7. Dorchester Collection hotel in a historical palace: Le Meurice, overlooking the Tuileries Garden.
  8. Name of the famed pastry chef at Le Meurice, Paris : Cedric Groulet
  9. The grand Murano glass chandelier in the lobby, of Hotel Principe di Savoia a stunning piece that embodies the hotel’s timeless luxury and style.
The Lana in Dubai is simply magnificent in terms of design and interiors.

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