Over 35? Here’s How to Subtly Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Our five tips to subtly switch up your makeup routine, tailored for women over 35.

As the skin ages, it’s important to change the beauty routine to keep skin glowing and youthful.

Avoid powder foundations:

As oil production slows down on mature skin, the visible signs of skin ageing such as dryness, extra lines and low hydration can  begin to show on the face. The very nature of powder is to coat and mattify the skin. However, when skin is already dry from age, wearing powder will only dry out the skin more. Instead of powder, try using a setting spray instead, which will also give your skin a good drink whilst keeping makeup fresh on the face.

Swap liquid foundation for tinted moisturiser:

As the skin starts to dry and more lines begin to appear, often liquid foundation; no matter how good the brand, can’t hide the akin ageing process and may even make it worse. Youthful skin always looks soft, dewy and glows. Try using a tinted moisturiser of CC+ cream which is a revolutionary concealer, foundation and moisturiser all in one. Skin will be left feeling better hydrated and youthful.

Liquid highlighters and blush is best:

Much like powder foundations, using powder highlighters and blush on more mature skin will leave it looking dry. For a more youthful look, stick to liquid based products, which create a glow on the skin and don’t dry out the skin. Like a filler, liquid makeup products fill in the lines rather than simply brush over the lines like powder; which ultimately fall off the skin.

Don’t wear mascara on the bottom lashes:

Did you know when you wear mascara on the bottom lashes of the eye, it ages the eye faster. This is because the bottom lashes when coated in mascara draws attention to any lines, dark circles and dryness under the eye. When leaving mascara off the bottom lashes, the under eye area stay fresh and youthful looking instead. Try using a soft toned eyeliner to define the bottom of the area instead.

Stay away from matte liquid lipsticks:

Unless you are having fillers in your lips, avoid using any lipstick which has a matte finish. Matte finish lip products dry super quick on the lips and if lips are already prone to being dry and flaky lips, the matte finish will make this stand out more. A good tinted lip gloss or well-hydrating non-matte lipstick is best as it will not only protect the lips, but keep them well moisturised as well.

Collagen masks:

When women reach the age of twenty-five, natural collagen stops producing in the skin. This means, elasticity and hydration in the skin begins to drop, leaving skin to feel more dry more often and more prone to age spots, blemishes (yes even for over 35) and more wrinkles. To keep skin well maintained; especially if you were foundation daily. Using a good collagen rich moisturiser daily and a weekly collagen boost sheet mask will keep skin well hydration and youthful.

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