7 Must-Haves to Pack in Your Carry-On These Holidays

Whether you’re packing for a business trip or a holiday, it’s important to pack the essentials in your carry-on to ensure a comfortable flight. Here are the 7 must-haves to pack in your carry-on on your next holiday:

  1. Extra water:

Yes, they do provide water on the plane, however, it’s always good to pack extra water to keep well hydrated when travelling. You can’t out of Australia, but you can out of other countries around the world. If you find drinking too much water sends you racing off to the toilet too much, take an energy drink instead. The electrolytes will help keep you hydrated and absorb well into the body, so you won’t need the toilet as much.

  1. Panadol:

There’s nothing worse than  a headache half-way through a flight and nothing to help cure it. Pack some Panadol for those emergency moments to help deal with any stress, pain or headaches. If sitting in air-conditioning for a prolonged period of time irritates your sinuses, pack antihistamines.

  1. Overnight face mask:

Many beauty brands have nourishing overnight masks which can be applied like a moisturiser, absorbing deep to keep skin hydrated. Before settling into relax or sleep on your flight, wash your face well and apply the mask. This will stop skin from drying out and hopefully prevent any breakouts.

  1. Pyjamas:

Don’t be embarrassed to throw on your pjs when the cabin light dim. Making yourself as comfortable as possible will help you relax and possible sleep better. If you don’t fancy the idea of wearing your love heart pjs in front of strangers on the plane, pack a nice tracksuit to change into instead.

  1. Chargers for electronic devices:

Most planes do supply USB outlets (and some power outlets) for you to plug your devices and laptop into for charging. So, do take your charging cables with you in your carry-on. Especially on long-haul flights.

  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste:

Although airlines do provide you with a toothpaste and toothbrush for long-haul travel, always pack your own just in case. Simple delights like brushing your teeth during your flight are pure luxury. Especially if you managed to sleep most of the way and you wake up with morning breath.

  1. Jumper:

Planes can get very chilly, especially once the cabin lights dim and everyone is resting. A jumper, along with a blanket provided by the airline will help you stay warm and cosy for your flight. And if you don’t find it chilly, the jumper makes a great extra pillow to rest your head on.

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