Paris Restaurants: Trendy restaurants you won’t want to miss

Trendy Restaurants in Paris

Finding the hot spots in any city isn’t easy, but there are some trendy Paris restaurants you won’t want to miss.

Paris is packed with restaurants and bars. These are some sensational Paris restaurants (some new, some old) where the people watching is as fabulous as the food & luxe interiors.

I’m not talking about Michelin star here, but sexy restaurants with slick interiors and sensational food. Where you will therefore have a fabulous night out.

And yes, do dress to go to these spots (no denim unless it’s fashion week and on trend).

Trendy Paris Restaurants
La Girafe Restaurant Paris.

Currently the hot ticket in town. The restaurant has a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower & a stunning terrace in summer.

The interiors are gorgeous and a mix of 1930’s right up to modern day marble. High ceilings, a marble bar, soft cream interiors and low lighting create an intimate feel.

In addition, the waiters could be film stars. Dressed in tuxedos and modern dresses, they are fluent in English, all attractive & highly attentive.

The menu is packed with seafood including modern many raw offerings. There is also a traditional French steak & roast chicken – it’s a global mix.

Anova all, this is the place for a romantic date or special occasion dinner. Book in advance & ask for a table with a view.

The marble bar can accommodate late bookings or solo travelers and even without the view, it’s still a great night out.

Trendy Paris Restaurants
Frou Frou Restaurant Paris

This modern restaurant oozes glamour and opened at the end of 2018. The interiors are striking, making it a place to see and be seen.

The theatrical style of 1920s lavish interiors fit the building, the Edoardo VII theatre in Paris.

Think chandeliers, a red room, a blue room, mirrored ceilings, gold, heavy curtains and thick-set luxe seating.

The menu is packed with French classics. The food is elegantly presented, and there’s a punchy cocktail list. There’s a cocktail bar in the basement, a great place to kick off the night.

The name of this restaurant says it all – it is even fun to say out loud. Frou Frou means showy or frilly ornamentation. Love it.

Trendy Restaurants in Paris
Market Restaurant Paris

This Uber trendy Paris restaurant is located right in the heart of the golden triangle. The crowd is generally local, and made up of well heeled finance, fashion & global French business people.

The interiors are slick and modern, with various sized tables and a fabulous bar where you can also eat.

The menu matches them. Think fresh, raw seafood, creatively cooked red meat and seafood mains and indulgent desserts. Everything is presented superbly – dishes not overly large.

Trendy restaurants in Paris
Matignon Restaurant Paris.

This bistro style trendy Paris restaurant doubles as a fresh faced restaurant by day and an exclusive, sexy club by night.

There are plenty of traditional French dishes featuring fish, meat, risottos and salads & the food is excellent. By day or earlier in the evening, sitting at the front is one of life’s great pleasures. There’s a view of the passing (upmarket and fashion conscious) parade.

The presentation of dishes  is super modern & elegant.

Many dishes can be seen on the website. And by night, there are cocktails upon cocktails, the place is packed and there’s aplenty of dancing, one of the many great assets of a night out in Paris.

Trendy restaurants in Paris
Kinugawa Matignon Restaurant

This unassuming Paris restaurant is fast earning a reputation as the best Japanese food in Paris.

The food here is authentic, traditional Japanese. The interiors are an eclectic mix of modern and traditional – think wooden tables and ceilings, plush grey seating & relaxed patterned black screens. High ceilings in one section.

There is a bar you can sit at to watch the “artwork” of the sushimi creations, which is my favourite spot to sit. The yellow tail carpaccio is to die for, as are lamb with red miso and scallops.

Virtually Impossible to get in without a booking.


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