Beauty: 4 Essential Beauty Brands for Travel

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Choosing the right beauty products when travelling can be difficult. These are the only essential beauty products you’ll need for travel.

These four brands have created the ultimate beauty travel essentials. And we love that essential beauty has become a go to thing for travel for so many women globally.

Kristin Ess

If the packaging isn’t enough to entice you to purchase the product, the quality alone is sure to get you excited. Kristin Ess created her fabulous haircare brand on the sunny shores of Los Angeles and it’s fast becoming one of the most popular haircare brands in Australia, since it launched across all Priceline stores, Australia-wide two years ago.

Kirstin Ess Beauty

The range includes shampoos, conditioners, styling and treatment sprays, and treatment conditioners for when hair is feeling dry and in need of extra love. New to the range are her travel sized shampoos and conditioners. Depending how long or thick your hair is, you should be able to get at least two to three washes out of this product. RRP $4 each

We tested the products on our last travels and found the shampoo and conditioner to be exactly what you need whilst travelling. Not only do they cleanse the hair thoroughly, they treat and nourish at the same time, protecting the hair from the harsh environmental elements whilst travelling.

Dr Anh Skincare

Dr Anh Skincare Beauty

From cleansing first thing in the morning, to nourishing the skin at night, Dr Anh who are well-known for their clinically proven skincare products, has recently released their new travel sized skincare products making it easier than ever to maintain healthy, blemish free skin when travelling. And will even combat the sign of ageing whilst you enjoy your holiday.

The bottles are cute and easy to use when travelling, and depending on what your preference is, you can either purchase the whole collection, or just the essentials. Here’s what’s available: a Purifying Cleanser RRP $29.00, a Nutri Day Serum RRP $46.00, a Day Cream RRP $39, a Night Serum RRP $46, a Night Cream RRP $46, a Peptide Moisturiser RRP $46, and an Eye Cream RRP $79.

We tried the Cleanser, the Day Serum, the Eye Cream and the Night Cream. The products are easy to use and a little goes a long way, which was a relief considering the size of the bottles for travelling. You can certainly get at least four to six weeks out of each product when used daily and skin feels young and well treated whilst travelling.


Kind-ly beauty

Deodorant is a must when travelling, especially when you’ve been stuck on a plane for more than fourteen hours and haven’t had a shower for more than sixteen or more hours. For Aussie travellers, it can often be more than twenty hours before you get the chance to stand in a hot shower.

Thankfully brands like Kind-ly have made natural, chemical-free deodorants which are perfect for travelling with easy to use roll on applicator bottle which meets the requirement for any liquid on board a plane. And the scents are simply amazing.

We test drove the Lavender & Bergamot scented roll on deodorant, and would you believe, people were actually asking what perfume we were wearing, the scent is that good. Gone are the days of rubbing ill-scented deodorants on your under arms, which were often doing more harm than good anyways.

The Beauty Chef

The beauty chef

It goes without saying, it’s important to look after your insides as much as your outsides, especially when travelling. It’s difficult not to indulge in all the delicious foods from around the world when travelling. However, it sometimes means, you miss out on important nutrients when travelling and the results can often mean breakouts and bad skin.

The Beauty Chef are well known for creating a range of products which nurture the body from the inside to help you glow on the outside. And now, you can take this fabulous product with you when you travel with their delicious tasting GLOW Inner Beauty Powder Sachets RRP $18 for 5 sachets.

We found one sachet a week was enough to keep you glowing whilst travelling. Simply stir in one sachet into a glass of water before you leave the hotel of a morning and you’re good to go for the week. Of course, if you find your skin often has a hard time adjusting to new environments when travelling, a sachet a day will keep the gut clean and your skin clear.

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