Less Is More When it Comes to Hair

less is more haircare from Vienna

Less Is More is a beauty brand new to Australia, but it has been 10 years in the making in Vienna.

There are people who are ahead of their time, and Austrian chemist and scientist Doris Brand, was one of them when they founded Less is More.

Twelve years ago, long before sustainability and parabens became buzz words in the health let alone beauty industries, she spent two years developing organically certified healthier hair care and styling products in her home town of Vienna.

It was a chance meeting with hairdresser Hannes Trummer in Vienna,  who became her then partner that prompted her to create something groundbreaking that would ultimately help improve women’s health and the environment. 

A former student of  the Feldenkrais Method (Awareness Through Movement), he wanted to change the way women think not only about themselves and their hair, but about the products they use.

The Less Is More concept was pioneered by Brand within the salon 10 years ago.

“Every Hair conditioner contains siliconet which cannot be broken down by the water system”, she explains.

“Ultimately this is destructive for the environment, and not good for the hair or for health either”

Her first products were a hair shampoo and conditioner and now she has developed a full range.  She uses 100% pure essential oils to optimise the effectiveness of her products as well as plant extracts. With regular use these infuse into the hair.

Now CEO of her own company, she hast even developed at pet friendly range which will be available soon.

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