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Health and Fitness On the Ultimate Holiday

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A global trip focussing on health and fitness could be the ultimate getaway.

A one year trip spanning 20 countries is being hailed as the ultimate in health, fitness and luxury (and the ultimate booster for your instagram account).

Luxury Health and Wellness Facilities are popping up globally, as the statistics continue to pour out of research centres like OECD Obesity, that we are unhealthier than ever, and that our health and lifestyle choices need addressing.

Como Shambhala Kedara

Health and wellness holidays provide the solution. A holiday breaks your usual routine, and is the perfect time to create new patterns and take the time to learn about your body, and your mind.

I visited Atmantan in India earlier this year, as well as Santani in Sri Lanka, but this trip created by Health and Fitness Travel covers the absolute best in every corner of the world.

Walking in New Zealand.
This Indian Beauty is part of the round the world heath and fitness trip.

The recommended month to start is in March in Australia with a hike along The Great Ocean Walk, then a private helicopter ride over the 12 apostles. The it’s over to New Zealand to the Southern Alps, for sub-alpine hikes, yoga and meditation.

America is next with jeep safaris, rainforest zip lining, before recovering at beachside retreats with yoga, Pilates and surfing, and achieving optimal well-being at a medical spa in Brazil.

Flor Blanca

Then head on over to Europe and get your culture fix in Rome and Istanbul and recover at luxury wellness retreats with spa therapies and healthy cuisine in the Italian countryside and Turkey’s Aegean coast.

Finally, conclude your wellness journey embracing Thailand’s culture, exploring Buddhist temples and learning to cook traditional Thai cuisine, then to Vietnam, relaxing at a luxury beach retreat, in between a choice of tours and excursions.

Yoga in Miami.

Over the South China Sea, explore the Philippines and the island of Bali through a choice of excursions, including volcano treks and a sunset cruise.

Fusion Maia in Vietnam.

Relax after your adventures at luxury wellness retreats, with a choice of Ayurvedic, yoga, detox and fitness programs.

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