Atmantan, The Health and Wellness Retreat That Will Surprise You

Atmantan is an Indian health and wellness retreat where you can change any aspect of your life.

Health and wellness retreats are one of the fastest growing categories for global travellers. No-one wants to come home after a sensational escape carrying extra kilos any more, or worse,  feeling like you actually need a “real holiday”.

These venues are where you truly escape from the day to day routine, from the people and demands of every day modern life, and take some time for yourself.

Any mother (or father) can relate to the need to do this on a regular basis. In fact any person in the western world needs time out, which is why the concept is taking off so quickly.

There is a daily schedule of fitness classes, health talks, meditation sessions and so on which you can click in and out of as you choose each day.

I have been to health retreats in Europe, Asia and Australia, and Atmantan in India is one of the better versions, as the way it is set up, you cannot help but improve your wellbeing and your lifestyle. They make it easy for you.

There is an expansive spa with a huge list of treatments available, which is essential as a daily treat,  particularly if you are detoxing, and the Atmantan wellness  packages have guests going at least once a day every day of their stay.

There are massages and treatments, ayurvedic treatments being a speciality. Ayurvedic (meaning life and treatment in sanskrit) medicine is a medical system of healing created in India over 5000 years ago. From weight-loss to diabetes, and even disease, it is a holistic whole body system of wellness and healing, and incorporates massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, connectedness amongst people, herbs and breathing.

The treatments I experienced were unique, relaxing and even interesting. A colonic massage was amazing, and certainly left me, ahem, well cleared out within 24 hours.

Food is organic, and as flavoursome as it is healthy. There is plenty of science and mindfulness behind the recipes and food presentation at Atmantan, and everyone I was there with lost weight, even in just 5 days. There is a detox option (which saw people losing even more weight) or just a regular healthy food option, which I took.

Renae Leith-Manos learning the ancient Indian Krya practise, is a challenging way to cleanse the body, at Atmantan health and wellness retreat in India.

Krya is an Indian system of body cleaning that involves water up the nostrils, in the eyes and salt water in the throat ( not all at the same time, thankfully), and all before breakfast. It was incredible how alive I felt after this ancient Indian practise, which I did daily.

I could easily have stayed for seven days.

The people at Atmantan know their craft. The yoga teacher is gentle, and insightful, the salsa teacher one of Southern India’s best, and the therapists have been hand-picked. There was even a resident psychologist there during my stay. It was an excellent experience from beginning to end.

Renae travelled with Health & Fitness Travel, 1300 551 353.

Book through Health & Fitness Travel like I did and  take advantage of the stay 10, pay 7 offer for travel between 1st April – 30th September

Renae  Says:

Who should Stay here: Solo travellers, couples, groups of friends.

Who shouldn’t Stay here: Children – this is not a place for children.

Location: About 45 minutes drive out of Pune in Southern India, 2. 5hours drive from Mumbai (don’t bother with a flight, driving is easier).

Best culinary delight: The smoothies on the detox.

The Highlight: The views from almost every spot on the property.

The lowlight: Not having enough time to hike up the local mountain.

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