Everything you need for travelling with just a carry-on.

Here are the must-haves and needs for travelling with just a carry-on bag. 

Given the huge flight delays globally and long wait times for luggage to hit the carousel, it has become very popular recently to travel with just a carry-on and one personal item. 

While many experienced luxury travellers have been doing this for as long as they can remember, it can be difficult deciding what is a necessity and what is not. 

Here are some tips and necessities for packing a perfect carry-on bag. 


Always check the information of the airline you are flying with to check if they allow you to bring on a carry-on as well as a personal item. Bringing a backpack or handbag with you is one of the easiest and most helpful tips and necessities for flying with a carry-on as you can fit so much into it.

Putting electronic devices or little necessities like chargers, headphones, wallet, and passport will save room for your carry-on and will be easier to access when you need them constantly. 

Renae’s World recommendation: July Carry All Backpack 

What to bring for travelling with just a carry-on. Black backpack facing backwards with a grey metal waterbottle in a pouch connected to bag.
July Carry All Backpack in Midnight Black.

Designer pouch

To be a perfect accessory to the backpack is a designer pouch. This is perfect if you want to keep the really important travel items within your reach constantly. This means your passport, cards and money.

Carrying a designer pouch makes it so much easier to walk through the airport without having to constantly open your backpack.

Renae’s World recommendation: LOEWE x Paula’s Ibiza Anagram Zip Pouch

A cream pouch with a dark brown rectangle accent on right bottom corner. Dark brown handle
LOEWE x Paula’s Ibiza Anagram Zip Pouch.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes will be your best friend for travelling with just a carry-on. Packing cubes are simply rectangular fabric pouches that are used to arrange the contents of luggage. 

These will keep you organised and as compact as possible while packing. Packing cubes create more space in your luggage and keep items in better condition while travelling. It’s perfect for business trips, vacations and especially long travels. 

Renae’s World recommendation: Globite Voyager Packing Cube 4pc

Lilac purple packing cubes stacked on each other. Top is smallest and bottom is the biggest. What to bring when travelling with just a carry-on
Globite Voyager Packing Cube 4pc in Lilac.

Compact makeup bag

Whether you are travelling for a business trip or a month’s vacation, travelling with makeup always starts with a good makeup bag. Travelling with a compact cosmetic bag will save time and stress while travelling with a carry-on. 

Of course, there are rules for carrying makeup on a carry-on, but storing it is also important. Some of the best are the Béis cosmetic case, with wipeable and stain-proof coating and even an area for makeup brushes.

The Calpak large clear cosmetic case is perfect for a big makeup collection, and if you’re looking for a bag where you can easily locate specific makeup products. 

Renae’s World recommendation: Calpak Large Clear Cosmetic Case and Béis Cosmetic Case

Clear cosmetic case that is opened with dark green accents around the sides of the bag.
Calpak Large Clear Cosmetic Case.

Double duty clothes

Double-duty clothes refer to pieces that provide basic wear that you can dress up or down and mix and match no matter the occasion.

Double-duty clothes are a must for travelling. This will ensure that you aren’t packing too many clothes, especially unneeded ones. This means basic tops, a couple of different bottoms and only one or two pairs of shoes. 

If you are planning on fancy nights out, try only one fancy outfit or something that you can dress up and down. 

Kindle or Audible

This is a must for all book lovers. If you’re planning on reading a lot or a few different books during your travels, a Kindle will be your best friend. 

Save the trouble of packing multiple books while travelling and purchase a Kindle. This allows people to read ebooks on a small and compact device, which makes it easier for both travelling light and carrying around. 

You can also become a member of Audible, which allows you to stream audiobooks and other spoken word content, such as podcasts. This is a perfect choice if you prefer to listen rather than read.

Renae’s World recommendation: Amazon Kindle (11th Gen)

Black rectangle amazing kindle with writing on the front facing picture.
Amazon Kindle (11th Gen) 16Gb – Black.

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