Why Microbiome Skincare is The Next Big Thing

Microbiome isn’t just relevant to your gut, and is the next big thing in skincare.

Your skin is covered in microbiome which is why it is so important to use skincare products that help feed the good bacteria on your skin.

Microbiome skincare relates to products that are filled with ingredients that don’t interrupt your microflora (good microorganisms and bacteria living on your skin) while probiotic skincare helps feed the good bacteria on your skin.

Essentially, certain products have probiotics added which feed the good bacteria on your skin. If your skin has too much bad bacteria is can lead to a range of skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and making your skin more susceptible to infections, rashes and acne. 

Your skin microbiome is affected by environmental factors (such as pollution, UV radiation, bacteria etc.) which is why it is important to use products that supplement probiotics. These probiotics can leave your skin glowing and healthy even when the environment is not ideal, yes, we are talking about you mask-ne (acne from wearing a mask).

The microbiome on your face is actually hard at work trying to protect your skin’s DNA. Scientists can predict your age (within a few years) from looking at the skin’s microbiome. This shows how important it is to look after your skin and to invest in skincare that is either microbiome friendly or skincare that is filled with probiotics. 

Here are some products we recommend:

Korres  Superdose Probiotic Yogurt Face Mask(RRP $78.00)

This Face Mask by Korres will Make Your Skin Glow.

If you are looking for a product to give you a total reset, Greek brand Korres has a Superdose Probiotic Yogurt Face Mask, That’s right, a yogurt mask that is designed to leave your skin glowing. Within 15 minutes the skin is able to absorb the pre and probiotics in the face mask leaving your microbiome healthy and your skin baby soft. 

Esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Hydration  (RRP $65.00)

Esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Hydration is an Everyday Serum that will give your Skin a Boost.

An everyday moisturiser would be Esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Hydration which retails at $65. It is super lightweight that not only helps the skin stay hydrated it also gives a dose of probiotics that helps balance the microbiome of the skin. This moisturiser is perfect for both morning as night while giving your skin the most beautiful glow. 

HydroPeptide Hydraflora Probiotic Essence (RRP $90.00)

HydroPeptide Hydraflora Probiotic Essence is a Great Pick for the Summer.

If you prefer a more lighter product for the summer HydroPeptide Hydraflora Probiotic Essence is a great pick. This product is the perfect concoction of ingredients which include pre and probiotics, antioxidants, Blue agave extract, Coconut water and Green tea. These ingredients feature a range of benefits such as refined pore, hydration, reinforcing the skin, protecting, soothing and reduction of pigmentation. 

Zelens Z Balance Prebiotic and Probiotic Facial Mist (RRP $96.00)

Zelens Z Balance Prebiotic and Probiotic Facial Mist is Perfect for that Hydration top up During the Day.

If you are in need of a product that gives you hydration and probiotic top-up during the day a face mist is the way to go. Zelens Z Balance Prebiotic and Probiotic Facial Mist provides a protective layer over your skin protecting you from environmental damage (such as pollution, UV radiation, bacteria and more) throughout the day. This is the type of product you want to keep in your bag so you’re never without it.

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