Unlock Ageless Beauty. Expert Skincare Anti-ageing Insights from Master Aesthetician Maria Dolanescu

From Seasonal Adaptations to the Power of Injectables, discover the Secrets to Anti-ageing Radiant Skin for Women Over 35 from The Sofitel Spa, Darling Harbour.

Maria Dolanescu, celebrated as the Master Aesthetician at the prestigious Sofitel Spa Darling Harbour, is a beacon of knowledge in the realm of advanced skincare and anti-ageing for women over 35.

With years of global expertise, Maria offers invaluable insights and transformative skin hacks tailored for mature skin, aiming to combat the signs of ageing effectively.

For women in their mid-thirties and beyond, understanding the intricacies of their skin becomes paramount.

The skin, our body’s largest organ, undergoes various changes as we age, and it’s essential to adapt our skincare routines accordingly.

While most women are acquainted with the myriad of anti-ageing products gracing the market, the real challenge lies in discerning their optimal application.

How can one harness the full potential of these elixirs? What frequency and technique ensure that these products work their magic to the fullest?

Furthermore, as the seasons transition, so do our skin’s needs. The balmy summers might call for lightweight, hydrating formulas, while the harsh winters demand richer, more nourishing care.

Maria delves deep into these seasonal shifts, guiding women on how to recalibrate their skincare arsenal to align with the changing climate. This ensures that the skin remains resilient, radiant, and youthful, irrespective of the weather outside or of travel conditions.

In today’s age, the conversation around youthful skin often gravitates towards injectables. These treatments, promising instant rejuvenation, have piqued the interest of many.

But should they be the focal point of our anti-ageing strategy? Maria sheds light on this topic, elucidating the role of injectables in a comprehensive skincare regimen. She provides a balanced perspective, helping women make informed decisions about using these treatments to achieve a fresher, more youthful complexion.

Dependant on skin type, you should vary mask type dependant on the skin needs.

In this treasure trove of skincare wisdom, Maria Dolanescu addresses these pressing concerns and more. Her holistic approach, combining traditional wisdom with cutting-edge techniques, demystifies the complex world of anti-ageing.

Whether you’re a skincare novice or a seasoned enthusiast, Maria’s insights are bound to elevate your skincare journey, ensuring that your skin remains timeless and radiant. Dive in and discover the secrets to ageless beauty.

  1. Exfoliation is getting a bad rap right now. How is it safe to exfoliate and with what types of products?

Exfoliating skin is a crucial step in a skin care routine for healthy glowing skin. There are a various types of exfoliants such as physical exfoliants,; like face scrubs, gomaje or clay masks. And the second type are chemical exfoliants. For examples AHAs, BHAs, PHAs and also acid peels.

How often you should exfoliate is dependent on your skin type. I believe you should not exfoliate more than once a week to avoid over stripping the skin and unbalancing the skin’s natural pH.

  1. How often should women apply masks and what types are ideal for maximum benefit?

Ideally, they should be used 2-3 times a week. This is because it is important to balance out the varying degrees of oil, hydration and nourishment in the skin. Dependant on skin type, you should vary mask type dependant on the skin needs. Something more hydrating when your skin is dry like an overnight hydration mask, and something more oil-drawing like a kaolin mask, in locally oily areas.

When considering your skins health in long term, your diet, sun exposure, not using hot water stripping methods on the face and low sugar and processed food intake should be minimal.
  1. What skincare products should we change with the seasons?

In my opinion, skin care products should be regularly changed approximately every 6 months, as our skin adjusts to the skin care and can become resistant to the efficacy of the products. Also as our skin’s needs change with the seasons, with warmer seasons, the skin needs more deeply hydrating moisturisers and serums. Higher doses of Vitamin C is also important to your skin care regiment during the summer. In the cooler months, I recommend more nourishing products that include botanical actives that encourage cell turn-over. 

  1. How should anti-ageing creams and serums be applied ( in what order and with what strokes/application methods)?

              In general, everyone should have a morning and evening skin care routine. For more mature skins, it is particularly important to apply serum first – as the molecule size is smaller and can penetrate deeper, receiving the full benefits of the serum. It should then be allowed to have time to be absorbed, then followed by application of a moisturiser. Application should be pressing firmly and evenly all over the skin, then followed with lifting movements – upwards and outwards.

  1. How effective is facial massage and how often should we have it done?

              Facial massage is a crucial step to your skin care routine. Even done once or twice a week, you will notice a dramatic difference in reducing fine lines, de-puff, de-stress muscles, reenergise skin cells, remodelling the facial muscles, complexion and smoothing skin texture.

The power of touch is the most important thing when receiving a facial. The link between the therapist’s nurturing hands and the clients skin is crucial.

  1. What injectables should women consider and how do they avoid looking overdone?

Injectables should be a preventative measure, not reactive. This way it will help to slow with the aging process such as fine lines before they appear deeper. They should be administered by certified Doctors in skin injectables. This should refine the natural beauty of the client, not reconstruct the individual’s features.

  1. What are some ways and tips to keep skin young other than skin treatments and products? ( eg nutrition)

The sun is extremely important for overall physical and mental health, including the skin. However, without protection, the sun contains the highest levels of free-radicals which will age the skin faster.

My professional advice when considering your skins health in long term, your diet, sun exposure, not using hot water stripping methods on the face and low sugar and processed food intake should be minimal.

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